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Explore Disability Around The World

An engaging and specialist guide to disability in a changing world.

By Peter Torres Fremlin and friends.

22 Aug 2022

A new resource on disability rights

02 Aug 2022

Feeling pride, feeling poorly, feeling the prices

25 Jul 2022

Disability in the Heat

20 Jun 2022

A disability-rights view on community and mental health

07 Jun 2022

Assistive technology: needed by one in three, and me

30 May 2022

Reader Rebrief: classifying disability, Russia, and digital media

10 May 2022

"I'm not rebellious": Abner Manlapaz, lifelong rebel

03 May 2022

"We can turn this around": Bristol's plan for a Green and Accessible Future

19 Apr 2022

New Frontiers for Activism in AI and Tech

04 Apr 2022

Responses to climate change leaving disabled people behind