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Disability Debrief is supported on a pay-as-you-can basis by the individuals and organisations that read it.

Your contributions mean we can develop independent analysis, original reporting and curation of news that's available to all, without the barrier of a paywall.

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As a reader, you can contribute through:

  • Subscription. Monthly at £5, £10 or £20, or annually at £50, £100 or £200.
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If you're a US-taxpayer making a larger gift: contributions of $1,000 or more can be made as donations, through our partners Center for Inclusive Policy, a 501(c)(3).

If you use this for work, consider institutional support.

Support our mission

The Debrief is working to get information on disability to more people, and to understand the situation of disabled people around the world.

Readers are what makes this possible through sharing news and helping others find the Debrief.

  • Be in touch with information, feedback, or ideas for collaboration. Reader perspectives improve the quality of this work.
  • Share the Debrief with the disability-curious in your life. Word-of-mouth is how people find this.

How I use financial support

I'm a freelancer. Most of your support is used so I can dedicate my time to this project rather than doing consultancy assignments. Funding also supports contributors to the newsletter and costs of hosting and transcription. You can see the accounts.

Institutional support

“Disability Debrief, with its breadth and depth, in content and interrogation, contributes to our work on disability inclusion.” – Tracy Vaughan, Sightsavers

The Debrief offers a unique curation of essential news and in-depth insights into work on disability inclusion. This service will be sustained if organizations using it pay for it as they would, say, access to a specialised journal.

The open access model of the Debrief means that as well as paying for your own continued use of the service, you are supporting quality information on disability inclusion as a public resource.

You can join organizations already supporting the Debrief in different ways.

Professional subscriptions are pay-what-you-can:

  • Professional. As an individual or small team this is useful for your work: make a subscription or custom donation like readers do.
  • Organizational. The Debrief supports work of disability inclusion across your organization: subscribe with £100/month paid by month or year.
  • Backer. The Debrief supports disability inclusion in your organization and you want to see that for other organizations: subscribe with £200/month paid by month or year.

For payments in USD, the organizational tier is available at $125/month, paid by month or year. Other tiers available in USD on request.

Close collaboration helps the Debrief achieve more:

  • Commissions: you can support analysis and communications by commissioning work on topics that relate to disability inclusion. (Explorations in the style and editorial of the Debrief; not promotional material.)
  • Partners: you share the mission of developing communications and knowledge resources on disability: grow and sustain this work with larger grants, or through spotlighting the Debrief.

Get in touch to explore partnership, commissions, or more details on any of the above. I can provide invoices to make bank transfers.

Organizational subscriptions are acknowledged in one newsletter per year (if desired). Partners are acknowledged more frequently. Disability Debrief retains its own editorial independence.