What readers say

“A wonderful read.” – Akwe Amosu, Symposium on Strength and Solidarity for Human Rights

“Excellent and encyclopaedic.” – Kevin Gotkin in Crip News

“The Debrief is an essential document for the world.” – Tanmoy Goswami, creator of Sanity.

“By far the best and most comprehensive newsletter on disability issues out there.” – Kamil Goungor, disabled activist and travel blogger.

“Are disability, human rights or accessibility important fields of your private or professional life? If yes - to sign up on Peter Fremlin's Disability Debrief is a MUST.” – Daniel Sieber, Swiss Business + Disability Network

“Disability Debrief gives me encouragement to keep going, to remember that I am not alone, that there are thousands of us fighting for the rights of persons with disabilities” – Peter Ogik, Source of the Nile Union of Persons with Albinism, Uganda

“I am incredibly grateful to the Debrief for broadening my horizons, challenging me, and opening doors to all sorts of resources that I would never otherwise have found.” – Polly Meeks, independent researcher.

“Thanks to the Disability Debrief, we get a handy overview of which new publications really matter for our rights-based advocacy. And the deep-dive editions give us plenty of food for thought to improve our work in the future.” – Elie Bagbila, Head of Rights & Advocacy at Light for the World International

“I get a lot of newsletters and daily briefs in my inbox but my friend Peter Torres Fremlin puts together the most interesting one, Disability Debrief, that I read start to finish! It is full of a range of topics... because disability intersects with everything and features contributions from wonderful people around the world. This newsletter is so important for the disability movement!” – Anna Martin, eKitabu