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“Strong and unflinching storytelling.”
Marcie Roth, World Institute on Disability

“I have been continually amazed by Disability Debrief, and it's my top source for disability news around the world.”
Nu, Revival Disability India

“A reliable source of information with insights into latest developments in the disability movement worldwide. It shapes my own work and helps me hone my thinking.”
Radoš Keravica, Bradford Institute for Health Research

“A very useful resource.”
Tom Shakespeare, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

“I read every newsletter with great satisfaction, it's a great place to find out what's happening.”
Dragana Ciric Milovanovic, Disability Rights International

“I love reading the Disability Debrief because I always find excellent topics and new ideas to learn from.”
Marion Steff, European Disability Forum

“I am an avid reader of your newsletter - it is incredible!”
Erica Brody, Disability Equity & Inclusion Strategist, Google

“Peter’s newsletter is always a good read, particularly for the way he covers disability news globally. And when he takes on a specific issue or question, he explores it thoroughly and thoughtfully, with passion, but never fanaticism.”
Andrew Pulrang, Disability Thinking Weekly

“Such a brilliant resource!”
Sarah Bell, University of Exeter

“Awesome. The best newsletter I receive.”
Pieter Bossink, Australia Awards Cambodia

“Disability Debrief is fantastic!”
John Pring, Disability News Service

“The Debrief gets stuff nobody else does.”
Lucy Marie Richardson, Disability and Child Protection Specialist

“I love the depth and humanity in your writing, it brings the world straight to my inbox.”
Mary Doyle, Disability Equity and Inclusion Consultant

“Very informative and I eagerly look forward to every issue!”
Priti Salian, Journalist and creator of Reframing Disability

“I am an enormous fan.”
Erin Cook, author of Dari Mulut ke Mulut

“An invaluable resource for the disability community and anyone who works in disability rights, foreign policy, or international development.”
Cara Yar Khan, international disability rights advisor

“An extraordinary hub of resources and journalism on disabled people's climate activism.”
Julia Watts Belser, Georgetown University

“An amazing hub of information on disability at a global scale.”
Luanjiao Aggie Hu, The Lurie Institute for Disability Policy

“I've been using the Debrief for a long time now. It's beneficial to me and everyone I share it with.”
Ahmed Ghanem, UNICEF

“I rely on it.”
Andrew Leland, author of The Country of the Blind

“Disability Debrief is an invaluable resource. It curates a perfect mix of content, covering a wide range of topics, which means that each week there is something for everyone. The breadth really sets it apart from other newsletters with a similar theme.”
Jessica Diamond, UK

“A great resource for anyone interested in tracking disability rights issues around the world.”
Hezzy Smith, Harvard Law School Project on Disability

“Disability Debrief is creating powerful counter-narratives in the face of structural ableism. Their stories and art highlight the power of grassroots movements for inclusion and justice.”
Catalina Devandas, Executive Director of Disability Rights Fund

“Quite incredible. Peter has a gift of bringing together research, policy, and storytelling to lift up disabled experiences in all their forms”
Qudsiya Naqui, lawyer and disability justice activist

“Often funny, sometimes disturbing, always insightful.”
Amira Saied, researcher

“The best thing I’ve subscribed to for a long time. It makes me think, reimagine, or join the dots every time.”
Sarah Wadley, policy practitioner

“A wonderful read.”
Akwe Amosu, Symposium on Strength and Solidarity for Human Rights

“Excellent and encyclopaedic.”
Kevin Gotkin, Crip News

“I am incredibly grateful to the Debrief for broadening my horizons, challenging me, and opening doors to all sorts of resources that I would never otherwise have found.”
Polly Meeks, independent researcher.

“The Debrief is an essential document for the world.”
Tanmoy Goswami, creator of Sanity.

“Such a welcome addition to my inbox, frequently containing topics you literally won't read anywhere else.”
Tina Lee, editor-in-chief of Unbias the News

“By far the best and most comprehensive newsletter on disability issues out there.”
Kamil Goungor, disabled activist and travel blogger.

“My favourite newsletter – the only one I ever read from the beginning till the very end.”
Virpi Mesiäislehto, consultant and researcher

“If you want authentic stuff, then subscribe to Peter's writing. Hard hitting yet so real!”
Fredrick Ouko, ADD International

“A great compendium of disability issues. Got my thoughts racing off in a hundred and one directions.”
Alexander Ogheneruemu, Disability Issues Blogger and Deaf Educator

“Are disability, human rights or accessibility important fields of your private or professional life? If yes - to sign up on Peter Fremlin's Disability Debrief is a MUST.”
Daniel Sieber, Swiss Business + Disability Network

“Disability Debrief gives me encouragement to keep going, to remember that I am not alone, that there are thousands of us fighting for the rights of persons with disabilities”
Peter Ogik, Source of the Nile Union of Persons with Albinism, Uganda

“If you’re yet to discover the Disability Debrief, I can’t recommend it highly enough. These reflections provide incredible insights and challenge me in ways that are so necessary working in development. Sign up and support Peter and the Debrief if you can.”
Larissa Burke, Advisor on gender equality, disability and social inclusion

“Thanks to the Disability Debrief, we get a handy overview of which new publications really matter for our rights-based advocacy. And the deep-dive editions give us plenty of food for thought to improve our work in the future.” – Elie Bagbila, Light for the World International

“I get a lot of newsletters and daily briefs in my inbox but my friend Peter Torres Fremlin puts together the most interesting one, Disability Debrief, that I read start to finish! It is full of a range of topics... because disability intersects with everything and features contributions from wonderful people around the world. This newsletter is so important for the disability movement!”
Anna Martin, eKitabu

“I can't work without it.”
Catherine Hyde Townsend, Ford Foundation

“A revolution in disability information.”
Mosharraf Hossain, Global Inclusion Consulting

“I love the Debrief: great information, great humour and always something to learn.”
Karen Andrae, Consultant

“I'm in awe of how comprehensive, thoughtful and readable Peter's newsletter is! I wish it were in my life sooner.”
Jen Bokoff, Disability Rights Fund

“Disability Debrief filled a gap in our sector. It pulls together everything that's going on and does so in an easily-digestible way.”
Penny Innes, UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

“Disability Debrief provides a perspective from a world I'm re-learning to navigate, one that's incredibly well-researched and makes me hope for a better future.”
Jodi Ettenberg, Curious about Everything