Disability Debrief receives funding from grants, subscriptions and crowdfunding.

The main expense is covering my time, and then payments for contributors and online services.

I am registered as a sole trader in the United Kingdom. The UK financial year starts in April.

Financial year 2023 to 2024

Summary of accounts, on a cash basis, from 6th April 2023 to 5th April 2024.

Total income and expenses were £70,681.


Organisations that partner or subscribe to the Debrief made up 75% of the income. A further 25% came from individual reader support.

Partnerships: £51,809 (73%). This comes from:

  • Sightsavers: £18,000
  • Ford Foundation: £11,441
  • CBM Global: £10,058
  • Center for Inclusive Policy: £5,348
  • Disability Rights Fund: £4,813
  • Light for the World: £2,147

Crowdfunding: £17,383 (25%)

  • Donation from K. Li: £8,221 

Subscriptions: £1,489.89 (2%)


The largest expense of the Debrief is me, Peter. I’m self-employed, so this covers my time, expenses of working from home, pension contributions, etc. This was 84% of the money used. 

The Debrief commissions original reporting and art from contributors, making up 12% of expenses. Services included web hosting, web development, insurance, media subscriptions and other costs, making up 4% of expenses.. 

Peter: £59,679 (84%)

Contributors: £8,523 (12%) 

Services: £2,479 (4%)


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