Disability Debrief receives funding from grants, subscriptions and crowdfunding.

The largest expense is covering my time, and then payments for contributors and online services.

I am registered as a sole trader in the United Kingdom.

Accounts December 2021 to December 2022

Summary of accounts, on a cash basis, from 1st December 2021 to 30th November 2022. Total income was £23,938.42, and in expenses my costs were £3,335.82, meaning £20,602.60 went to cover my time.


Partnerships: £15,595.71. From:

  • Sightstavers: £6,000
  • Center for Inclusive Policy: £5,315.71
  • CBM Global: £4,280

Crowdfunding: £5,451.02 (one-off, monthly and annual support)

Subscriptions from organizations:  £2,891.69

Total income: £23,938.42


Peter's time: £20,602.60

Costs: £3,335.82. Consisting of:

  • Contributions: £2,257.07. (Áine's contributions, Tan Kuan Aw's illustrations and honorariums for some guests featured in profiles).
  • Services: £1,078.75. (Web hosting and services, transcription of interviews).

Total expense: £23,938.42