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Recent Highlights

In International News:

Open letter to the international disability rights community on Gaza “As a human rights movement, the disability rights community cannot remain silent.”

“For Gazans with disabilities, the circumstances could not be worse: the complete collapse of basic vital services, displacement, starvation, disease, and indiscriminate bombing have created a nightmare scenario in which their very survival is jeopardized. Israel’s restrictions on humanitarian aid exacerbate the challenges they face, limiting access to food, medicine, assistive devices and other vital supplies. While no official numbers are available, many children and adults with disabilities have been killed, including long-time disability rights defenders Bader Mosleh and Hashem Ghazal.” (May, A collective of human rights activists)

Don’t shut the door behind you A Debrief feature on how Gatekeeping undermines the disability movement:

“In almost twenty years in the disability sector, I’ve seen time and again how an overzealous guarding of spaces and ideas can hinder progress. The very structures we create to organize and advocate can end up holding back new voices and ideas.” (Mar, Disability Debrief)

We need to talk Does the disability movement need a strategic reset? Debrief feature exploring the crisis at the International Disability Alliance (IDA). (Feb, Disability Debrief)

In Canada:

Why are 15 times more Canadians than Californians choosing assisted death?

“In 2022, MAID accounted for 4.1 per cent of all deaths in Canada, compared to 0.27 per cent of all deaths in California. In the Netherlands and Belgium, which legalized assisted dying 22 years ago, 5.1 per cent of Dutch citizens and 2.5 per cent of Belgians die by MAID.” (Apr, National Post)

In Europe:

Stories and voices of women and girls with disabilities winners of a photo competition. (Mar, EDF)

In India:

Tamil Nadu’s disabled community fights to enter electoral politics “Legislative action and grassroots activism are challenging deep-rooted social norms and pushing for the political inclusion of disabled people.” (Apr, The Hindu)

In Indonesia:

Bigger than the machine Ida Putri's journey into activism and creating opportunities for others. (May, Disability Debrief)

In Nepal:

Crossroads a video documentary showing the lives of blind women in Nepal particularly in terms of relationships (and two whose husbands left them). Hardship, hope, and the collective efforts of activists working to change. (Mar, Disability Justice Project)

In Nigeria:

Schisms in the Church A Debrief feature on the disconnect faced by deaf worshippers in Nigeria:

“This piece explores the challenges of deaf persons in the church. It draws from my own life and the experiences of other deaf folks, most of them close friends and acquaintances I met within the deaf community. We often talk about what causes our disconnection in church. We are treated as after-thoughts, objects of charity, sub-par humans, or needing healing. But we know we are much more.” (Apr, Disability Debrief)

In Palestine:

Impact of the conflict on people with disabilities in the Gaza Strip. Thematic report summarising available information. (Feb, acaps)

In Singapore:

Inclusive hiring still a work in progress, despite strides made for people with disabilities (May, Today)

In Ukraine:

Russia told Ukrainians with disabilities they were visiting the seaside - but they were kidnapped and disappeared:

“Maksym and Inna are among at least 500 Ukrainians with disabilities – including children – that have likely been forcibly removed to Russian-held territory and Russia, according to an 18-month investigation by The Independent. The whereabouts of many of those we have documented remain unknown: of the people taken from Makysm’s facility, only 10 people have reappeared. None has been located from Inna’s.” (May, The Independent)

In the United Kingdom:

A new wave of disability media Debrief feature on navigating tensions between art, activism and access. (May, Disability Debrief)

In the United States:

Assume that I can brilliant, bold video rejecting the self-fulfilling prophecy of negative assumptions about people with Down Syndrome. (Mar, CoorDown)

In Uzbekistan:

How accessible are public services to disabled people in Tashkent city? Monitoring visits and photographs. (May, Dilmurad Yusupov)