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Disability Debrief newsletters have been keeping up with international disability news from 2020. See the newsletter archive or browse within that:

  • News: all-you-can-eat news updates.
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  • Interviews: in-depth with people making change.
  • Climate Crisis: understanding the impact on disabled people.
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  • Community: how we do this, and what readers say.

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News Database

Since the start of 2022 all the news on Disability Debrief is in this database, which you can navigate here, by subject or country.

The database has 2759 news items, categorized into 57 subjects, across 139 countries and regions. It was last updated in April, 2023.


You can navigate by specific subject, or see links in one very long page, organized by topic.


You can navigate by specific country, or see links in one very long page, organized by country.