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Recent Highlights

In International News:

Don’t shut the door behind you A Debrief feature on how Gatekeeping undermines the disability movement:

“In almost twenty years in the disability sector, I’ve seen time and again how an overzealous guarding of spaces and ideas can hinder progress. The very structures we create to organize and advocate can end up holding back new voices and ideas.” (Mar, Disability Debrief)

We need to talk Does the disability movement need a strategic reset? Debrief feature exploring the crisis at the International Disability Alliance (IDA). (Feb, Disability Debrief)

“I'd fight like hell for you”: Debrief interview with Julia Watts Belser, on not giving up on each other in the climate crisis (Feb, Disability Debrief)

Disability History Resources a guide to information for the study of disability history, signposting resources from ancient history up to contemporary history. (Jan, Bodleian Libraries Oxford)

In Bangladesh:

‘They forgot about me’: a powerful photo-essay exploring the stories of people with disabilities and the risks they face during natural disasters. “Which child should I carry, this one or that one?” (Jan, The World)

In Europe:

Stories and voices of women and girls with disabilities winners of a photo competition. (Mar, EDF)

In India:

Everyone is Good at Something. Stories and photographs of disabled people from all over India. (India Inclusion Foundation)

In Nepal:

Crossroads a video documentary showing the lives of blind women in Nepal particularly in terms of relationships (and two whose husbands left them). Hardship, hope, and the collective efforts of activists working to change. (Mar, Disability Justice Project)

This 28-year-old from Nepal is telling COP28: Don't forget people with disabilities. (2023, NPR)

In Nigeria:

Girls with Disability Suffer, Rejected in Lagos Special Schools a detailed look at a lack of accessible and hygienic toilets and hygiene facilities. (Jan, This Day)

In Palestine:

Impact of the conflict on people with disabilities in the Gaza Strip. Thematic report summarising available information. (Feb, acaps)

In Peru:

Why aren't there inclusive cities and societies? A video profile of Andrea Burga. (In Spanish, Jan, DW)

In the United Kingdom:

Stop trying to recruit unicorns with acorns. Incisive description of how accessibility roles are undervalued, underfunded, and incorrectly designed:

“I've seen it time and time again. People hire an accessibility specialist because it's a hot topic and it's always good publicity. But then they just leave that person to drown in an environment and an organisation where they are not supported.” (Jan, Craig Abbott)

In the United States:

Assume that I can brilliant, bold video rejecting the self-fulfilling prophecy of negative assumptions about people with Down Syndrome. (Mar, CoorDown)

In Yemen:

Successes and Setbacks a Debrief feature on the life stories of women with disabilities. (Jan, Disability Debrief)