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Recent Highlights

In International News:

It's a cultural fight: Debrief feature with Christian Tasso on using photography to challenge perceptions of difference. (Sep, Disability Debrief)

The transformative role of persons with disabilities in peacebuilding processes.

“In this report, the Special Rapporteur highlights the agency of persons with disabilities in rebuilding broken societies in post-conflict contexts. Using concepts such as moral repair and transitional justice, he points to the need to include the voices of persons with disabilities in peacebuilding processes.” (Aug, Gerard Quinn)

Climate Change and Disability the Debrief's resource guide and original reporting. (Aug, Disability Debrief)

How many disabled people are there? Debrief feature exploring why the complexity of disability can't be reduced to one number. (Jul, Disability Debrief)

Barbie's wheelchair vs my actual wheelchair a critical comparison by Katie Pennick. (Jul, Twitter thread)

Delta Developing First-of-Its-Kind Airplane Seat for Wheelchair Users to stay in their chairs. (Jun)

In Argentina:

Julia risso, podcaster and activist: “I hate the word inclusion. I don't want to be included anywhere, I'm already here.” (In Spanish, Jun, BBC News)

In India:

Considered a backup. On the Debrief: a feature on the overlooked power of disabled care. (Jul, Disability Debrief)

In Japan:

Postwar Disability History of Japan key moments in the legislation of disability. (Aug, Wei Yu Wayne Tan)

Blind in Early Modern Japan: Disability, Medicine, and Identity a review of a book studying blindness in Japan from 1600 to 1868, including attention on a unique “guild” that created a social category of blind people:

“Tan reveals a dynamic environment in which some men were drawn in to the activities and influence of the guild (which continually attempted to assert its authority through innovative means, such as the making of “model” blind people and “ideal” behaviours, when membership numbers began to decline and new professions, such as acupuncture and massage, began to overtake Heike music as the dominant vocation), and the ways in which other men, and in many instances women who were excluded from the guild on account of their gender, developed their own groups that provided much-needed kinship-style support.” (Jul, LSE)

In New Zealand:

D*List editorial values launching a new disability magazine. (Jul, D*List) The new home of disability culture in Aotearoa. (The Spinoff)

In Romania:

Romania horrified by inhumane abuse in care centres for disabled “an investigation revealed that a well-established criminal network involving state officials and private individuals ran “Nazi camps-style” care centres for disabled people who were left to starve without food or care.” (Jul, Euractiv)

In Sweden:

Disability, Gender and Hiring Discrimination: an experiment sending 2,000 job applications found that “nondisabled applicants receive 33 percent more callbacks than similarly qualified wheelchair users despite applying for jobs where the impairment should not interfere with performance” (Jun, IZA Institute of Labour Economics)

In the United Kingdom:

An uphill battle from day one: “Non-disabled women are twice as likely as disabled women to have the person they accuse of rape charged or summonsed.” (Jun, Now Then Magazine)

In the United States:

Amazon Got a Perfect Score on Disability Inclusion—From a Group It Helps Fund – Mother Jones —From a Group It Helps Fund:

“Disability:IN released its annual “Best Places to Work” Disability Equality Index, which grades how well companies prioritize and accommodate disabled employees. One company that earned a perfect score: Amazon, which has been accused of disability discrimination by state agencies and current and former staff.” (Jul, Mother Jones)