A watercolour portrait of Peter, a white man with dark curly hair, glasses, a beard, and a dark blue jumper

Disability Debrief

By Peter Torres Fremlin and friends.

A disability lens on world news, and resources from 145+ countries.

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What silence says

Insights from recent academic and policy research
19 Jun 2024

Disability over-confident

Commitments to inclusion not being put into practice
12 Jun 2024
Illustration of a window with framed certificates and awards celebrating inclusion. A background of other office buildings.

Testimonies from the past

How disabled people’s life stories challenge official histories
05 Jun 2024
Digital illustration of paperwork. A tear in it shows an office with a man shouting at a woman in a manual wheelchair.

A duty to shed light

Guide to recent disability news from 50 countries
22 May 2024

Bigger than the machine

Ida Putri's journey into activism and creating opportunities for others
15 May 2024
Digital illustration of large brown hands holding a sewing machine. The hands are scratched and surrounded by thorny roots.

No ifs, no buts, no maybes

Remembering Sir Robert Martin, the language of disability, and more
08 May 2024

A new wave of disability media

Navigating tensions between art, activism and access
01 May 2024
Illustration of Celestine, a white woman wind-swept hair, riding her three-wheeled mobility scooter through an ocean wave.

Challenge and conformity

K-pop, carnival, therapy, and critiques of inclusion
24 Apr 2024

Getting to know each other

A reader survey and updates from behind-the-scenes
17 Apr 2024
Watercolour illustration of a turquoise-topped cake with an @ sign and a large red 100 placed on top like a candle.

Assume that I can hit harder

Guide to recent disability news from 50+ countries
10 Apr 2024