About Disability Debrief

Disability Debrief is an engaging, specialist guide to disability news from around the world. It's enjoyed by the disability-curious and used by the disability community in efforts for change.

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What they say

“I can't work without it.” – Catherine Hyde Townsend, Ford Foundation

“A revolution in disability information.” – Mosharraf Hossain, Global Inclusion Consulting

“I love the Debrief: great information, great humour and always something to learn.” – Karen Andrae, Consultant

“I'm in awe of how comprehensive, thoughtful and readable Peter's newsletter is! I wish it were in my life sooner.” – Jen Bokoff, Disability Rights Fund

“Disability Debrief filled a gap in our sector. It pulls together everything that's going on and does so in an easily-digestible way.” – Penny Innes, UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

“Disability Debrief provides a perspective from a world I'm re-learning to navigate, one that's incredibly well-researched and makes me hope for a better future.” — Jodi Ettenberg, Curious about Everything

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About Peter

As well as being a disabled person myself, I've spent many years advising folk on disability rights. I'm a freelancer working with international organizations, including United Nations agencies, to try to make the world a better place for disabled people.

Mostly I am writing from Colchester, England, which is also where I grew up. I'm back here after over 10 years studying, working, and language-learning in Brazil, Bangladesh, Switzerland and Egypt.

I love hearing from readers! Do be in touch, or find me on Twitter @desibility.

Debrief team

Together with Peter, regular contributors are:

  • Áine Kelly-Costello, who writes on climate change and disability. Áine is a proudly disabled storyteller and campaigner. Originally from Aotearoa New Zealand, they are currently based in Norway. Find more about what else Áine gets up to and on Twitter @ainekc95.
  • Tan Kuan Aw's whose watercolours illustrate the Debrief. Kuan Aw is an artist and advocate on disability rights based in Penang, Malyasia. For more art, see his website.

As well as the contributors, the Debrief is made my its community. Guests come to interviews, readers send feedback, friends give advice, and your financial support let's us keep doing this.


Disability Debrief is powered by support from its readers, who contribute as individuals or organizations. Partners who support the Debrief are:

Many thanks to readers and institutions who contribute to the Debrief.

About this website

The Debrief newsletter is delivered by email and all back-issues are available on this website. See the library for those, and other ways you can explore the news.

We did do work to make the website more accessible. See the accessibility statement for a description of what I didn't manage to fix.

The site is hosted on Ghost, a platform that uses open-source publishing software. The database of news is stored in SQLite and I rolled some python scripts to interface with it.