Working in Partnership

“An invaluable resource for the disability community and anyone who works in disability rights, foreign policy, or international development.”
– Cara Yar Khan, international disability rights advisor

The Debrief is a unique resource in the fight for a better world for disabled people. It has an unparalleled curation of essential news and resources on disability inclusion from over 150 countries. It gives a platform to develop and share unique stories from disabled people around the world. The Debrief cultivates curiosity around the lives of disabled people and signposts the information and resources needed to remove social barriers.

This work is made possible by partnerships with organizations supporting disability inclusion. It is developed in close collaboration with the leading organizations promoting disability rights around the world and subscribed to by a range of mainstream non-profit organizations.


Subscribing to the Debrief

“Thanks to the Disability Debrief, we get a handy overview of which new publications really matter for our rights-based advocacy. And the deep-dive editions give us plenty of food for thought to improve our work in the future.” – Elie Bagbila, Light for the World International

The Debrief is supported on a pay-as-you-can basis. All content remains open access to all. This means that as well as supporting continued use of the service, partners are also supporting quality information on disability inclusion as a public resource.

There are already over ten organizations subscribing to the Debrief. They include CBM Global, Center for Inclusive Policy, Disability Rights Fund, Ford Foundation, Light for the World, and Sightsavers.

Organizations subscribe at different levels.

  • Partnership subscriptions are currently between £4,000 and £18,000 annually.
  • Organizational subscription is suggested at £100/month paid monthly or yearly.
  • Professional subscriptions are available at any level on a recurring or one-off basis.

Partners and subscribers at all levels are acknowledged on the website and accounts are reported transparently. The Debrief retains all rights to the content and retains editorial control.

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How the Debrief supports organizations

“I can't work without it.”
– Catherine Hyde Townsend, Ford Foundation

Many organisations rely on Disability Debrief to support their understanding and actions on disability inclusion. Specialists on disability and diversity use it to stay up-to-date on emerging issues, broaden their horizons, and as a tool in advocacy with their colleagues. For non-specialists it is a way to deepen connection and understanding of disability.

In practice, this means that disability or diversity leads get the Debrief to have an overview on a wide range of topics and geographies. These leads then forward on the Debrief, in particular to disability champions, partners or where a specific topic is relevant for someone's work.

Some practical actions include:

  • Disseminating the Debrief. Share specific articles or this sign-up page.
  • Sharing your work. Keep Peter in the loop with news and resources.
  • Using the library. The Debrief library is a unique reference across the whole world and all areas of social life.
  • Inviting Peter to talk. A lunchtime talk or other presentation is a good way to make colleagues aware of the resource available. Get in touch.

Organisational email software can send newsletters to spam, so it's good to check you receive it.

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Showcasing resources and developing stories

“Disability Debrief is creating powerful counter-narratives in the face of structural ableism. Their stories and art highlight the power of grassroots movements for inclusion and justice.”
– Catalina Devandas, Executive Director of Disability Rights Fund

The Debrief is written in community with organisations making change on disability rights around the world. It is based on long-term exchange with these stakeholders and draws closely on the experiences, insights and networks of these organisations to develop its work and resources.

Get in touch to explore ways we can work together:

  • Sharing resources and news. Let Peter know about new resources or news from the contexts you work in. A tag or an FYI with a link is great.
  • Learning together. The Debrief offers mailbag editions to share responses from readers or to highlight other issues.
  • Coproducing stories. Peter works with selected colleagues and organizations to develop articles in collaboration. See for example reporting from Peru and analysis from the UK done in this way.

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