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Civil Society and Community

Interview with Ask Løvbjerg Abildgaard, Views of life interview with the President of Dansk Blindesamfund, on the current situation of visually impaired people in Denmark. (2023, ORF)

Independent Living and Deinstitutionalization

Conditions in Institutions

Denmark apologizes for abuse of people with disabilities “The Danish government has apologized to thousands of people with disabilities who were abused in state-run facilities. The ill-treatment took place over decades and left deep emotional and physical scars.” (2023, DW)

Lived Experience and Opinion

Dealing with chronic illness isolation by becoming my best friend “Isolation due to chronic illness is incredibly traumatic and soul-wrenching. I deal with it by becoming my own best friend. Here are my practices.” (2023, The Bed Perspective)

Mental Health

“Mental health is declining in Denmark” and the plan to tackle the inefficiencies in the mental healthcare system through the next ten years. (2022, Unbias the News)

Sport and Paralympics

6-year-old girl not allowed to participate in sports because of her visual impairment (In Danish, Jan, TV FYN)