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Culture, Entertainment and Media

A Talk with Reema Humood: Multiple Sclerosis and its Literary Representation.

"The love of caretakers who don’t mean to suffocate you, but they do with their worries and fears, and the injustice and discrimination against people like me, rejecting us, excluding us, denying us the right to be…I discovered there was ‘us’ against ‘them’, the sick ones and the healthy ones, each group gazing at each other, afraid. Any attempt at meshing together, at understanding each other, stops and sinks in muddy waters" (2022, Arab Lit)

Education and Childhood

Experts of the Committee on the Rights of the Child Commend Kuwait’s Disability Allowance for Children (2022, OHCHR)

Lived Experience and Opinion

Head Above Water: a disabled writer shares her journey with multiple sclerosis in a new book. “Head Above Water excels in exploring the mental and emotional scars of being a mixed-race disabled woman in a very traditional and patriarchal society.” (2022, Disability Horizons)