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Living with COVID-19

When you talk about "those who are going to die from something anyway" then you are talking about me. "Aren't I, a human being, worth more than the local pub?" (in Norwegian, google translate makes sense, 2022)

Digital Accessibility and Technology

Inaccessible Possibilities: experiences of using ICT to engage with services among young persons with disabilities: even though they're seen as digitally native doesn't mean they can use health and social services online. (2021, Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology)

Economics and Social Protection

Impact of child disability on parental employment and labour income. “The results showed that caring for children with disabilities has a negative effect on mothers’ labour market participation, working hours and labour income. The more severe a child’s condition is, the more likely the mother was to work and earn less, or to stop working entirely.” (2022, BMC Public Health)

Education and Childhood

An Agent-Based Simulation Model of Epidemic Spread in a Residential School. “An agent-based model of a school for deaf children was developed from Norwegian archival sources and 1918 influenza pandemic data to test impacts of non-pharmaceutical interventions. Results show differences in the timing and pattern of spread based on whether the first case is a student or staff member, while epidemics are smaller with more student bedrooms or a hospital ward.” (2023, Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research)

Employment, Business and Work

This is a pretty tough industry: an initiative for recruitment into IT jobs. (In Norwegian, 2023, Kode24)


Balancing on a knife-edge: Experiences of older patients with acquired deafblindness when receiving existential care. "The patients can experience empowerment through the maintenance of trust and communion. However, if met with an overprotecting or neglecting attitude, older patients with acquired deafblindness can feel disempowered." (2022, Nordisk Sygeplejeforskning)

International Cooperation

Norway's international work for people with disabilities an article assessing the government's initiatives. (In Norwegian, 2022, Bistands Aktuelt)

Norway launched a new strategy for disability-inclusive development 2022-2025. (2022)