This page features the news on disability from Russia in the Debrief Library. See also news from other countries.



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“But We Are Always at Home”: Disability Activism, Solidarity, and Staying at Home. (Dec, NYU Jordan Center)

Data and Research

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Intercorporeal Togetherness: On Russian Blind Activists’ Technology of Disability Inclusion. (Aug, Cultural Anthropology)

Employment, Business and Work

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Search for people to build fortifications, including digging trenches, mentions jobs for persons with disabilities. (Dec, Yahoo! News)

Barriers and Opportunities to Employment for Persons with Disabilities (Nov, World Bank)

History and Memorial

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A book review of The Broken Years: Russia's Disabled War Veterans, 1904-1921. The book argues that the rights of disabled people as a minority were born out of the 1917 February revolution. (Dec, H-Net)

Mental Health

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Tedtalk on How to alter the perception of mental health care in Russia “During the Soviet Union era, therapy was often used as a tool of political oppression. Since then, Russia has seen major reforms in mental health care -- but stigmas and distrust for the practice still live on.” (Jul, TED)

Mental Health Crisis Looms in Russia as Sanctions Fuel Drug Shortages, Job Losses (Mar, The Moscow Times)

Politics and Elections

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'I Was Screaming': Disabled Russian Alleges Police Tortured Him To Confess To Burning Pro-War Banners. (Nov, Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty)

War in Ukraine

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Putin's mobilisation plans in tatters after officials enlist handicapped and blind people. (Oct, Express)

Background Reading

A new book, The Broken Years: Russia's Disabled War Veterans, 1904–1921, which shows:

"the question of disabled veterans became bound up in broader political and social debates in the early twentieth century and fostered health care and social welfare policy. The experience of these 1.14 million war veterans reconfigured notions of heroism, sacrifice and patriotism while the period of 1915-1919 was marked by extensive political activism by disabled veterans." (Feb, Cambridge University Press)

Situation in Ukraine

Russian Soldiers Dream Of Being Injured In Ukraine, 'Getting Rich' From Disability Pay (Apr, International Business Times) I am sceptical of this dubiously sourced news. The publicly announced figures are in the region of €40,000 for families of soldiers who die, and almost €25,000 for those wounded. I question whether all those injured actually get that.