Disability in Somalia

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Civil Society and Community

Somalia Disability Network Annual Report 2022. (Link to PDF, 2023, SDN)

Humanitarian, Migrants and Refugees

Exclusive humanitarianism: Policy recommendations for genuine inclusion of persons with disabilities in humanitarian action. (2022, International Review of the Red Cross)

Study from IOM on disability inclusion in Internally Displaced People sites in Kismayo. Among other barriers:

"Access to information remains a critical barrier preventing persons with disabilities from accessing services within the IDP site and broader community. Door-to-door or shelter-level information engagement is recommended for all organizations providing support in IDP sites to ensure greater service knowledge of persons with disabilities" (2022, Relief Web)

Mental Health

A new plan to tackle trauma in Somalia after 30 years of ‘shared distress’ (2023, The New Humanitarian)

Violence and Harassment

Pelted with stones and raw eggs experiences of people with albinism. "People tell me I am a cannibal and that I will eat their children. They are terrified of me." (2023, BBC)