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Accessibility and Design

Spain's San Cristóbal wins EU Access City Award 2024 “For example, all vehicles and all stations of the city’s tram network are fully accessible, and the city centre has acoustic traffic lights and tactile paving to guide visually impaired people.” (2023, Disability Insider)

Meet the designers with learning disabilities: “La Casa de Carlota is a successful design agency in Barcelona. Their striking visual style comes from their designers, who have learning disabilities, autism and schizophrenia.” (2022, BBC)

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Civil Society and Community

Three Kings with disabilities go to the streets of Madrid to raise awareness. They gave symbolic gifts to the mayor, rector of the university and the bishop to represent accessible heritage, inclusive education and a more diverse society. (In Spanish, Jan, Discapnet)

Inclusive volunteering a guide to help voluntary organizations become inclusive of persons with disabilities. (In Spanish, 2023, CEDID)

Views Of Life Interview with Cristina Barreto Cristina Barreto - Organización Nacional de Ciegos Españoles (ONCE). (2023, EBU)

Greens call Spain prohibit ableist show of persons with dwarfism (2023, Katrin Langensiepen, MdEP)

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Climate Crisis and Environment

Another Hot Summer for People with Disabilities Authorities Should Reduce Emissions, Adapt to Climate Change (2023, Human Rights Watch)

Inadequate Response to Heatwaves Support People with Disabilities at Risk to Climate Change – study of 2022 heatwaves in Andalusia. (2023, Human Rights Watch)

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Culture, Entertainment and Media

The Royal Spanish Academy will urgently evaluate use of the word “disminuido”, diminished, which is currently given as synonymous with “discapacitado”, disabled, or “minusválido”, handicapped, without any comment they are derogatory. (In Spanish, Jan, El Observador)

On the Front Line of a War Over Bullfighting Traditions Opponents of Spain’s comic shows at bullfights by people with dwarfism say they are banned by a new law. But performers say the show must go on. (2023, New York Times)

Spain bans decades-long tradition of ‘dwarf bullfighting’. “Dwarves in Spain have long dressed as firefighters or clowns to chase bulls without killing them, at public spectacles designed to be humorous. The tradition stretches back decades, but has declined in popularity.” (2023, the Guardian)

Exploring world monuments through Spain’s Museum for the Blind. Short video. (2022, Haben Girma)

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Digital Accessibility and Technology

Artificial Intelligence

Report on technology and disability 63% of disabled people fear that AI systems will exclude them from recruitment processes. (In Spanish, 2023, Fundación Adecco)

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Social Media

“Fake Autism” a campaign to combat disinformation on social media about autism. (In Spanish, 2023, Laboratorio de Periodismo)

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Economics and Social Protection

Social Protection

The reality of persons with disabilities and non-contributive pensions “they say you can work, but in practice it's not like that.” (In Spanish, 2023, 20 Minutos)

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Independent Living and Deinstitutionalization


Strategic framework for deinstitutionalization. (In Spanish, 2023, Government of Spain) See also some critique of it from the Foro de Vida Independiente y Divertad.

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Conditions in Institutions

Faeces on the face and ice water baths the torture of young people with disabilities in a residence in La Palma, and a director of the residence imprisoned. (In Spanish, 2023, SER)

A fire in a care home for disabled people killled one person and injured ten more. (2023, RTVE)

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CERMI Mujeres awards the best photographs about the difficulties of women with disabilities to access justice. (In Spanish., 2022, CERMI Mujeres)

Court confirms 14 years in prison for a former political leader for abuse of two persons with disability. (2022, Eldiaro.)

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Policy and Rights

30th Session of the CRPD Committee (Mar, OHCHR)

Spain amends its constitution to replace term ‘handicapped’ with ‘persons with a disability’. “We are paying off a moral debt that we have had with over 4 million of our fellow citizens.” (Jan, AP News)

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