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In Humanitarian, Migrants and Refugees:

Meet The 6 Disability-Led Organizations Responding To The Needs of People with Disabilities in Türkiye and Syria (2023, Gadra)


Accessibility and Design

How 'Accessible Everything' makes changes (2023, Daily Sabah)

Guide dogs change lives of Türkiye’s visually impaired citizens. (2022, Daily Sabah)

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Assistive Technology

New tech glasses made in Türkiye aim to benefit persons with disability. (2023, Daily Sabah)

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Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on access to healthcare among people with disabilities: evidence from six low- and middle-income countries. “Key barriers to accessing healthcare during the pandemic included changes in availability of services due to systems restructuring, difficulty affording care due to the economic impacts of the pandemic, fear of contracting coronavirus, and a lack of human support to enable care-seeking.” (2023, International Journal for Equity in Health)

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Communication and Language


January 4 World Braille Day photoessay on braille in Turkey and around the world. (In Turkish, 2023, TRT Haber)

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Economics and Social Protection


Severe poverty hits the disabled and demands for an equal and fair life. “There are people who sterilize the same catheter and use it several times,” (In Turkish, translation from Google, 2022, Bir Gün)

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Social Protection

Lower social benefits trouble Türkiye's disabled citizens. “Türkiye's disabled citizens find themselves squeezed between a lack of employment opportunities and declining social benefits.” (2023, Bianet)

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Humanitarian, Migrants and Refugees

Meet The 6 Disability-Led Organizations Responding To The Needs of People with Disabilities in Türkiye and Syria (2023, Gadra)

Türkiye and Syria 3/17/2023 Update: “In the weeks since the earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria, government agencies have not made resources available to meet the needs of disabled survivors, and there are no policies that directly address their disability and accessibility related needs and support their inclusion throughout response, recovery, and reconstruction.” (2023, WID)

In Solidarity with Women, Girls, and Gender Minorities with Disabilities in Turkey and Syria. Context and call for “women and gender-diverse people with disabilities are included in response efforts”. (2023, Women Enabled)

Iran amputee football team players dead in Turkey quake. (2023, Tehran Times)

Disability Inclusion Task Team (DITT) Tips on disability-inclusive emergency response (Earthquake) (2023, UNHCR)

Violent earthquakes kill thousands in Turkey, Syria. (2023)

Protection & Education Needs of Refugees with Disabilities in Southeast Turkey. “Given the often complex needs of children with a disability, access to information about public services was cited by families as being of particular importance.” (2022, Sened)

Turkish man sparks outrage for kicking 70-year-old Syrian refugee woman in the head (2022, Stockholm Center for Freedom)

Protection Needs of Refugees with Disabilities Only one of the 300 research participants had a job; 9% had part-time work. (2022, Relief Web)

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War in Ukraine

Evacuating or Leaving Ukraine

'My heart is torn': As war rages on at home, these young disabled Ukrainian swimmers are stranded in Turkey. (2022, CNN)

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