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Culture, Entertainment and Media

TV and Film

He's a singer, a cop and the inspiration for a Netflix film about albinism in Africa: profile of John Chiti. (2023, NPR)

‘Can You See Us’ True Story: How a Zambian Singer With Albinism Inspired the Drama on Netflix (2023, Decider)

Data and Research


Disability Research in Zambia: A Scoping Review (Mar, Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research)

Education and Childhood

A study of inclusive education provision ”Limited curriculum reform remains one of the main impediments to the implementation of the inclusive policy for children with SEN in Zambia.” (2023, African Journal of Disability)

Employment, Business and Work

Having an income reduces HIV stigma and discrimination The experience of Regina Katungu Chileshe, an entrepreneur living with HIV:

“When you have a low economic status, people generally don’t respect you. And having HIV makes it worse. Through my own experience, I have seen how having an income and running a successful business increases people’s respect and reduces HIV stigma and discrimination.” (Mar, ILO)

Policy and Rights

CRPD experts review Zambia: Commend Zambia on Disability Legislation, Raise Questions on Persons with Albinism and Land Bursaries for Persons with Disabilities (Mar, OHCHR)

30th Session of the CRPD Committee (Mar, OHCHR)