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This page lists the countries in Asia with resources and recent highlights.


Recent Highlights

In Afghanistan:

Towards Inclusive Education: Narratives of Setting Up a School for Students
with Disabilities in Afghanistan (May, Disability and the Global South)

In Armenia:

Corruption and disrespect in the process of disability assessment “The disability assessment process has been considered the most corrupt for many years. There were many stories in the media about this and criminal cases have been initiated.” (May, Jam News)

In Bangladesh:

Prayer to failure Debrief feature with reflections 10 years after the Rana Plaza building collapse. (Jun, Disability Debrief)

Is the metrorail disabled friendly? Video feature demonstrating accessibility features. (Apr, Human Development Media)

A shot in the dark: The state of higher education for persons with disabilities (Feb, TBS)

In India:

Considered a backup. On the Debrief: a feature on the overlooked power of disabled care. (Jul, Disability Debrief)

Who Pays the Price When Cochlear Implants Go Obsolete? “Some cochlear implant users can’t afford to keep up with compulsory technology upgrades. After becoming dependent on the devices, they’re losing their hearing and feel abandoned by manufacturers.” (Mar, Sapiens)

In Indonesia:

‘I Feel Like an Outsider’ Facing Stigma and Discrimination, Ardiansyah, a 44-year-old Indonesian Man with Schizophrenia, Finds Refuge in a Mosque. (Mar, Disability Justice Project) See also a poetic response to it on the Debrief.

Key issues for children with disabilities. A discussion paper. (Feb, UNICEF)

In Japan:

Postwar Disability History of Japan key moments in the legislation of disability. (Aug, Wei Yu Wayne Tan)

Blind in Early Modern Japan: Disability, Medicine, and Identity a review of a book studying blindness in Japan from 1600 to 1868, including attention on a unique “guild” that created a social category of blind people:

“Tan reveals a dynamic environment in which some men were drawn in to the activities and influence of the guild (which continually attempted to assert its authority through innovative means, such as the making of “model” blind people and “ideal” behaviours, when membership numbers began to decline and new professions, such as acupuncture and massage, began to overtake Heike music as the dominant vocation), and the ways in which other men, and in many instances women who were excluded from the guild on account of their gender, developed their own groups that provided much-needed kinship-style support.” (Jul, LSE)

In Malaysia:

Profile of Debrief illustrator KA Tan "Painting makes me reflect and reflect. When society is progressing, what should life be like and what is its meaning? Are those illusions important to life?" (In Chinese, Jun, Penang China Press)

In Palestine:

Communication, inclusion and psychological wellbeing among deaf and hard of hearing children: A qualitative study in the Gaza Strip. “Key themes identified in the analysis included lack of accessible communication, community exclusion, negative attitudes towards hearing impairment and deafness and the impact on deaf and hard of hearing children's sense of self”. (Jun, PLOS Global Public Health)

In South East Asia:

ASEAN countries continue to struggle with accessibility (Mar, FairPlanet)

In Turkey:

Meet The 6 Disability-Led Organizations Responding To The Needs of People with Disabilities in Türkiye and Syria (Apr, Gadra)