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Inclusive fashion show “one of a kind fashion show organized to raise awareness for the International Deaf week in Uganda. The event was made to raise funds for Dove School which is a special needs school in Kampala.” (2023, Africanews)


United Kingdom

Accessible underwear helping disabled people 'slay' “Primark is the latest to announce plans to offer more affordable accessible items in its almost 200 UK shops.” (Jan, BBC)

Vogue model Ellie Goldstein: 'Doctors said I wouldn't walk or talk'. (2023, BBC)

Meet Unhidden, the fashion brand changing the game for people with disabilities. (2023, the Guardian)

Reframing Fashion: British Vogue Celebrates Disabled Talent in Historic New Edition. (2023, Tilting the Lens)

North America

United States

Will fashion ever be truly diverse? A new program at Parsons School of Design aims to close the gap for designers with disabilities (2023, Washington Post)

The Fashion Empire Built on Stolen Ideas “Mindy Scheier built her brand catering to disabled people, but there’s mounting evidence that she’s no ally.” (2023, New Republic)

I’m a Disabled Woman in My Maximalist Era. "I explored my personal style and used it as a vessel for reclaiming autonomy over my body and the symptoms I often cannot control." (2023, Refinery29)

A Bride’s Prosthesis Made Not to Blend In, but to Shine. (2023, New York Times)

Ramping Up Fashion’s Accessible Future “The fashion industry is designing adaptable clothing for disabled people, but is that enough to undo the industry’s ableism?” (2022, Yes!)

I Never Loved Fashion— Until I Went Blind. “On styling myself for a whole new life and the hope that came with it.” (2022, Cosmopolitan)

A Double Take on Adaptive Fashion at NYFW, From Open Style Lab. (2022, Vogue)

Clothing Hacks for Wheelchair Users - New Mobility (2022)