This page features the news on disability from Asia-Pacific in the Debrief Library. See also news from other countries.


Assistive Technology

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Meeting rising demand for disability devices. “Limited access to assistive technologies such as eyeglasses, hearing aids, mobility and communication devices, and a lack of trained workers remain significant challenges in meeting the needs of people with disabilities and the elderly in the Asia Pacific region.” (Sep, Eco-Business)

Data and Research

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Are persons with disabilities included in the effort to leave no-one behind? An overview that shows the gaps in countries' ability to monitor the situation of persons with disabilities. See accompanying resource, Where are we?, questions to aid understanding of disability data and inform advocacy, and a blog post on lessons learned. (Feb, UNFPA)

Disaster Risk Reduction and Crisis Response

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Disability-inclusive disaster risk reduction and measuring progress against the Sendai Framework. (Sep, The Interpreter)

Education and Childhood

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Employment, Business and Work

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A policy paper on Preferential Contracting for Persons with Disabilities “an in-depth look at the practice of using public procurement to promote the employment of persons with disabilities” (Nov, UNESCAP)

A resource guide for employers on Tapping the potential of persons with disabilities (Mar, ILO)

Humanitarian, Migrants and Refugees

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New report on OPD engagement in Humanitarian Action reflections from Bangladesh, Indonesia and Nepal. (May, CBM Global)

International Cooperation

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Persons with Disabilities Key to Achieving Fully Inclusive Societies (Oct, SDG Knowledge Hub)

Policy and Rights

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Three-decade journey towards inclusion: assessing the state of disability-inclusive development. (Dec, UNESCAP)

Using the Capability Approach to Review the National Legislative Frameworks for Support Services for Persons with Disabilities in Four Countries in Asia: “most countries address support services, including assistive devices, only from the perspective of a social security measure for persons with disabilities living in poverty, failing to uphold the rights of those not meeting those eligibility criteria.” (Dec, Societies)

Framework for disability policies and strategies:

“The essential elements of a disability policy include a commitment to disability mainstreaming, intentionality around ensuring disability inclusion efforts are part and parcel of the national development agendas, the allocation of adequate budgets, the establishment of robust implementation mechanisms, the articulation of implementable objectives, and guidance for disability strategies. The essential elements for disability strategies include the completion of a situational analysis and the identification of priorities, actions to put into practice the state’s obligations to implement the CRPD, the identification of intended outcomes and objectives, and finally the adaptation of national development mechanisms and
plans so they are fully inclusive of persons with disabilities.” (Jul, UNESCAP)

Relationships, Sex and Reproductive Rights

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Disability-inclusive Comprehensive Sexuality Education: An Assessment of Teacher Needs. (Dec, UNESCO)