This page features the news on disability from Bhutan in the Debrief Library. See also news from other countries.


Economics and Social Protection

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Working with the grain: economic inclusion of persons with disabilities in Bhutan (Dec, Development in Practice)

Education and Childhood

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Higher Education

Understanding Inclusion and Accessibility in Higher Education: A Case Study from Bhutan. (Jan, Fora Education)

Employment, Business and Work

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Supporting Employment for Persons with Disabilities in Bhutan: Results from an Employer Survey (Apr)

“I want to achieve more, so that I can inspire more people” Living and Working with a Disability in Bhutan. A nice presentation of case studies and pictures from a project supporting disabled people with small grants. (Royal Thimphu College and Fora Education)

Microgrants used to promote entrepreneurship in a pilot project. A film was also made about the project, Dreams of Birds Flying in the Sky, trailer available on Youtube. (Jan, Kuensel Online)