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Communication and Language

Sign Languages

In drafting of the new constitution sign-language has been recognised as an official language (2022, UN Special Envoy on Twitter)

Culture, Entertainment and Media

TV and Film

Cromosoma 21: the Chilean series that is making impact on Netflix (In Spanish, 2023, Yo También)

Data and Research


Florencia Herrera, director of Núcleo Disca promoting research with disabled people. (2023, Universidad Diego Portales)

Disaster Risk Reduction and Crisis Response

Pudahuel applies tool for inclusion of persons with disabilities. The municipality used a disaster resilience scorecard's criteria on disability inclusion. (2023, Making Cities Resilient)

Economics and Social Protection

Multidimensional Measures and the Extra Costs of Disability: How Are They Related? Exploring whether multidimensional poverty measures can be used to study the extra costs of disability. (2023, IJERPH)

Employment, Business and Work

How businesses manage law 21.015 on inclusion of disabled people in the labour market. (2022, Azarbe)

Lived Experience and Opinion

Deaf Role Model of the Month: Pamela Molina (2023, Deaf Unity)

Mobility, Travel, Transport and Tourism

Association of the Blind demands that the government take responsibility for the death of the person who fell onto the metro track. (In Spanish, 2022, ElMostrador)

Politics and Elections

Disability in the Chilean constitutional process “Both for substantive and procedural reasons, the constitutional process led by the Constitutional Convention offers solid ground to advance the rights of persons with disabilities as a constitutional issue.” (2023, Disability & Society)

Relationships, Sex and Reproductive Rights

Government apologizes to woman for forced sterilization. “Doctors performed procedure in 2002 without consent while Francisca was under anesthesia because she was HIV positive” (2022, the Guardian)

Sport and Paralympics

“I am a fighter and I will not give up” profile of Valentina Biskupovic, a 22 year old with Down Syndrome.

“I like having Down Syndrome”
“Because I'm happy”. (In Spanish, Mar, La Prensa Grafica)

More awareness, inclusion and infrastructure, the early legacy of Santiago 2023. “Chilean Para athletes expressed they have felt a positive change in their social lives and sporting careers because of the Parapan American Games in their country” (2023, International Paralympic Committee)

Goodbye, Santiago 2023. Hello, sporting legacy for Chile. (In Spanish, 2023, Yo También)