This page features the news on disability from Egypt in the Debrief Library. See also news from other countries.


Accessibility and Design

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Communication and Language

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Sign Languages

Numerals in Egyptian Sign Language from a Typological Perspective. (Oct, North African Linguistics)

Fingerspelling Systems in Egyptian Sign Language (Jun, North African Linguistics)

Economics and Social Protection

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Financial Inclusion

The Central Bank of Egypt introduces plastic money in Braille (in Arabic, Jul, Banky)

Education and Childhood

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Opening of addiction treatment center that provides services for people with disabilities. (In Arabic, Mar, Cairo24)

History and Memorial

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Recognising inequality: ableism in Egyptological approaches to disability and bodily differences (Mar, World Archaeology)

On the Debrief: How ancient history resists our stereotypes discussion of Tutankhamun and disability in ancient Egypt. (Jan, Disability Debrief)

Sheikh Rafaat: A Genius in Meaning-Based Recitation of Quran. One of the blind men among the brilliant qaris of Egypt (people who recite the Quran). (Sep, International Quran News Agency)

Sheikh Imam: Voice of Dissent Profile on a blind oud player his music and politics from the 60s-80s and how they resonate through history and the Middle East today. (May, KC Network)

Lived Experience and Opinion

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The reaction of Egyptians to meeting blind people on the street. Mostafa Attia shows, in a video, how Egyptians are the most helpful of any country he's travelled to. (in Arabic, Jul, Mostafa Attia)

Mobility, Travel, Transport and Tourism

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Egyptians with disabilities enjoy swimming at dedicated Mediterranean beach (Jul, Global Times)