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In History and Memorial:

How ancient history resists our stereotypes Debrief discussion of Tutankhamun and disability in ancient Egypt. (2023, Disability Debrief)


Communication and Language

Sign Languages

Numerals in Egyptian Sign Language from a Typological Perspective. (2022, North African Linguistics)

Fingerspelling Systems in Egyptian Sign Language (2022, North African Linguistics)

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Culture, Entertainment and Media

‘Empty Rooms’ Art Exhibit is a Reflection on Disability & Unorthodoxy “Egyptian artist WeirDo deals with the isolation, reclusion and loneliness experienced by people with disabilities.” (Jun, Cairo Scene)

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Economics and Social Protection

Financial Inclusion

Banks in Egypt improve accessibility: “According to Central Bank of Egypt, banks have made significant progress in improving the infrastructure, providing technological and digital solutions, hiring qualified professionals, and modifying internal policies and procedures to facilitate the access of people with disabilities to financial products and services.” (2023, Dailynewsegypt)

The Central Bank of Egypt introduces plastic money in Braille (in Arabic, 2022, Banky)

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Opening of addiction treatment center that provides services for people with disabilities. (In Arabic, 2023, Cairo24)

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History and Memorial

Tomorrow is Yesterday: Disability in Ancient Egypt:

“Contrary to popular tropes, my research on Egypt has shown that whilst it was not a utopia, disabled people existed, thrived, and were incorporated into society.” (May, History Workshop)

Recognising inequality: ableism in Egyptological approaches to disability and bodily differences (2023, World Archaeology)

How ancient history resists our stereotypes Debrief discussion of Tutankhamun and disability in ancient Egypt. (2023, Disability Debrief)

Sheikh Rafaat: A Genius in Meaning-Based Recitation of Quran. One of the blind men among the brilliant qaris of Egypt (people who recite the Quran). (2022, International Quran News Agency)

Sheikh Imam: Voice of Dissent Profile on a blind oud player his music and politics from the 60s-80s and how they resonate through history and the Middle East today. (2022, KC Network)

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Humanitarian, Migrants and Refugees

42,300 Sudanese refugees in Egypt: “Local teams note that between 20 and 25% of the refugees are persons with disabilities.” (2023, Relief Web)

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Lived Experience and Opinion

The reaction of Egyptians to meeting blind people on the street. Mostafa Attia shows, in a video, how Egyptians are the most helpful of any country he's travelled to. (in Arabic, 2022, Mostafa Attia)

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Policy and Rights

Words on paper, or a changing reality? What persons with disabilities want in Egypt. (In Arabic, Mar, Alhurra)

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Politics and Elections

We did not observe any obstacles to stop disabled people voting. According to the National Council for Persons with Disabilities. (In Arabic, 2023, Youm 7)

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