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In International Cooperation:

Strengthening Organizations of Persons with Disabilities increases impact and value for money: "For every $1 provided by CBM, FEAPD have generated approximately a staggering $14." (2021, CBM Australia)




Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health care and people with mental health conditions. “Scarce mental health service settings were diverted to become COVID-19 treatment centres. Mental health care became narrowly biomedical with poorer quality of care due to infrequent follow-up. Households of people with pre-existing mental health conditions in the community reported worsening poverty and decreased access to care due to restricted movement, decreased availability and fear.” (2022, International Journal of Mental Health Systems)

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COVID-19 and social policy in contexts of existing inequality: experiences of youth with disabilities. “The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the marginalisation of adolescents and young people with disabilities [...] as health, education and social protection systems have been slow to mobilise targeted support and address social exclusion.” (2022, Disability and Society)

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Civil Society and Community

Restricted participation: Drivers, experiences and implications of disability stigma. (2023, African Journal of Disability)

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Climate Crisis and Environment

The invisible children in climate crisis. “As drought worsens in the Horn of Africa, children with a disability bear the heaviest burden” (2023, UNICEF)

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Communication and Language

Working for inclusivity, accessibility: launch of a new Talking Books initiative to make educational texts available in audio format. (2022, The Reporter Ethiopia)

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Conflict and Peace

Challenges persist in rehabilitation of Tigray's ex-fighters Experiences of fighters who acquired disabilities. “Ex-fighters at Awash camp suffer from severe injuries such as limb loss, facial injuries, and concussions. They require significant amounts of medicine and medical treatments; otherwise, their health conditions become critical.” (2023, Addis Standard)

Tigray establishes war veterans council “in a bid to help disabled fighters and families of martyrs of the two years war with the federal government and its allies.” (2023, Addis Standard)

Incoming Tigray interim leader pledges to address grievances of disabled Tigrayan soldiers following protest rally in Mekelle. (2023, Addis Standard)

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Education and Childhood

China wins praise for its educational assistance to Ethiopia's vulnerable students. “This came during a special ceremony held Tuesday to mark the topping-out of a Chinese-funded, multi-purpose school building for Alpha School for the Deaf in Addis Ababa” (2023, Xinhua)

A New Lease on Life: Ensuring Education for Children with Disabilities in Ethiopia. (2023, World Bank)

Research finds “double burden” for high school students with disabilities in conflict affected Oromia region. (2023, Addis Standard) Research is on the impact of political instability on inclusive education.

Revisiting Equity COVID-19 and Education of Children with Disabilities (2021, WISE)

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Employment, Business and Work

Creating inclusive workplaces for people with disabilities exchange between a deaf disability inclusion technical officer and their supervisor. (2023, FHI 360)

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Humanitarian, Migrants and Refugees

The state of disability inclusion in refugee and IDP settings a report on the extent disability inclusion is mainstreamed in humanitarian response. (2023, UNHCR)

Humanitarian cash transfers “changing the lives of persons with disabilities affected by emergencies” (2023, UNICEF)

Empowering Dreams supporting children with disabilities affected by conflict. (2023, UNICEF)

Gap Analysis on Disability Inclusive Humanitarian Action in Eastern Africa “While some organisations are making efforts to include the inclusion of persons with disabilities in their programming, challenges remain, such as a lack of inclusion of the insights of persons with disabilities, insufficient disaggregation of data and inadequate budget allocation.” (2023, CBM UK)

Scaling up humanitarian support for children with disabilities and their families. “UNICEF is expanding programming in IDP camps to provide services and support for children with disabilities and their families.” (2023, UNICEF)

A rapid review of Disability inclusion for refugees in Ethiopia: an urgent need. One refugee from Jewi Camp, Gambella, said:

“The refugee camp is in rural area with harsh weather condition…It is extremely humid…. sitting on wheelchair for long time burned my back. It is very difficult to move around using wheelchair. In addition, the physical environment is not straight and flat to easily move round using wheelchair. I am sometimes trapped in ditches.” (2022, Research and Evidence Facility)

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Independent Living and Deinstitutionalization

Family quality of life and children with disability: The role of support providers. “Ethiopian families of children with disabilities need holistic support that incorporates spirituality, the whole family’s needs and disability awareness-raising. Collaborative and committed engagement from all stakeholders is necessary to support Ethiopian families to flourish.” (2023, African Journal of Disability)

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International Cooperation

Disability Inclusion Academy unveiled in Ethiopia “The Disability Inclusion Academy will train young people with disabilities to become Disability Inclusion Facilitators (DIFs). DIFs are changemakers who advise NGOs, government, and private businesses how to put disability inclusion into practice.” (2023, Light for the World)

Strengthening Organizations of Persons with Disabilities increases impact and value for money: "For every $1 provided by CBM, FEAPD have generated approximately a staggering $14." (2021, CBM Australia)

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Policy and Rights

Disability-Inclusive Education and Employment: Understanding the Context (2023, Mastercard Foundation)

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