This page features the news on disability from France in the Debrief Library. See also news from other countries.


Economics and Social Protection

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Salaries for disability professionals to increase but unlikely to be enough to calm a crisis. (Feb, Faire Face)

Employment, Business and Work

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The disability employment quota between social policy and antidiscrimination (Nov, Anne Revillard)

History and Memorial

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A series on disability and collective mobilizatons: a demonstration by young blind people in 1939, by the old and unwell in 1963, deaf people in 1993 and a blockage by Handi-social in 2018. (In French, Mar, Balises)

An Early Medieval Prosthetic Hand and what it might show us about violence, community and care. (Sep, History Workshop)

Humanitarian, Migrants and Refugees

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Afghan Evacuees Need Mental Health Support (Mar, Human Rights Watch)

Policy and Rights

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The 2021 report of the Defender of Rights shows disability as the most frequent claim of discrimination (in French, Jul, Faire Face)

Politics and Elections

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Pressure mounts on French disabilities minister accused of rape “In an earlier statement denying the allegations, Abad said his own disability meant he was incapable of sexually assaulting anyone.” (May, France 24) I don't know more than what's in this article, but I don't buy the disability excuse.

For the elections, a campaign 23 Million Voices of persons with disabilities and caregivers in France to remind politicians of the essential measures to integrate into their campaign program. (Mar, APF France Handicap)

Sport and Paralympics

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Paris 2024 Olympics: Slow roll-out of accessible services worries disability campaigners (Feb, Le Monde)

Paris 2024: two years from the Paralympic Games, what are the challenges to be met regarding accessibility? (Aug, California18)

Ahead of 2024 Olympics, Paris sponsors accessibility of neighbourhoods. (Jul, The Mayor)

War in Ukraine

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Appeals and Statements

Communication of the CNCPH on the protection and security of persons with disabilities in Ukraine (in French, 4 Mar)