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In Gender Equality and Women with Disabilities:

Exploring visions of inclusion: women’s disability activism in Georgia. (2022)


Assistive Technology

Nina’s story: How assistive technology is improving her quality of life (2022, WHO)

Civil Society and Community

A crisis within the disability rights movement Publication with an interview with Esma Gumberidze exploring corruption and how disability activists can be silenced. (2023, Swedish Development Forum)

How does the property of blind people become someone else’s behind closed doors? Investigative feature on the Union of the Blind, established in 1926. (In Georgian, 2023, Investigative Journalists' Team)

Economics and Social Protection


The Cost of Raising a Child with Disabilities The Goods and Services Required for the Equal Participation of Children with Disabilities. (2023, UNICEF)

Social Protection

Pension or disability assistance: an unfair choice? “an older person with disabilities has to choose to receive either a disability benefit or an old-age pension.” (2022, Development Pathways)

Gender Equality and Women with Disabilities

Exploring visions of inclusion: women’s disability activism in Georgia. (2022)

Policy and Rights

Situation Analysis of the rights of persons with disabilities. (2022, UNPRPD)

Situation Analysis of the Rights of People with Disabilities Describes legislative and policy progress but "despite these changes, little has improved in the daily lives of many persons with disabilities in Georgia". (2022, UNDP)

War in Ukraine

Evacuating or Leaving Ukraine

WHO supports an inclusive response to refugees with disabilities in Georgia. (2023, WHO)