This page features the news on disability from Ghana in the Debrief Library. See also news from other countries.


Economics and Social Protection

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Emotional ‘journey’ of street beggars with vision impairment: (Aug, Disability and Society)

International Cooperation

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How inclusion ambassadors are reducing disability stigma and discrimination (Apr, Sightsavers)

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Criminal justice in Ghana as experienced by people with disabilities: “we found that the criminal justice system was unfriendly toward persons with disabilities due to factors such as lack of funds, inaccessible physical environments, language and communication barriers, and negative attitudes toward persons with disabilities” (Apr, Journal of Human Rights)

Lived Experience and Opinion

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The story of Anaaba Agbango, the visually impaired farmer in Goka. (Dec, Ghana Web)

Mental Health

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Chaining People with Mental Health Conditions Persists Visits to prayer camps and healing centers see “people were chained or confined in small cages, in some cases for more than seven months.” (Dec, Human Rights Watch)

A policy brief on addressing mental health needs of deaf people (Nov, Ghana National Association of the Deaf)

Mobility, Travel, Transport and Tourism

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Air Travel

Disability Advocates Appeal to Ghana Airport Company to investigate mistreatment of people with disabilities. (Aug, Disability News Africa)

Policy and Rights

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Disability-Inclusive Education and Employment: Understanding the Context (Mastercard Foundation)

Situation Analysis of the rights of persons with disabilities. (Nov, UNPRPD)

Ghana Federation of Disability Organisations urges the government to Implement UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. “Ghana still has traditional practices that promote abuse and, in some ways, the killing of some children with disabilities including some category of adults in spite of constitutional provisions that prohibits inhumane cultural and traditional practices.” (Aug, Ghanaian American)

Learn How the Ghanaian Disability Rights Movement is Influencing National Policy. (Apr, DRF)

Relationships, Sex and Reproductive Rights

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A town had banned deaf people from marrying each other one couple defied the decree for love. (Apr, BBC News Africa)