This page features the news on disability from Indonesia in the Debrief Library. See also news from other countries.


Communication and Language

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Culture, Entertainment and Media

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Meet Two Disability Justice Project Fellows Modeling Inclusive Storytelling. (Oct, Disability Rights Fund)

Data and Research

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How do Positive Deviants Overcome Health-Related Stigma? An Exploration of Development of Positive Deviance Among People With Stigmatized Health Conditions in Indonesia (Dec, Qualitative Health Research)

Economics and Social Protection

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Social Protection

Government commits to expanding social assurance coverage for disabled people. (Jun, Antara)

Education and Childhood

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Discussion paper: Key issues for children with disabilities. (Feb, UNICEF)

Employment, Business and Work

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A Different Way of Learning feature on how “Indonesians with Autism Forge Their Own Path to Education and Employment”. (Oct, Disability Justice Project)

Inside Indonesia's grassroots fight for accessibility. (Sep, FairPlanet)

Out of Their Hands video feature on blind massage therapists and other employment challenges for those with visual impairments, including the impact of the pandemic. (Aug, Disability Justice Project)

New skills helped my business recover from pandemic. Feature trainings for entrepreneurs with disabilities. (Feb, ILO)


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Interview with Luthfi Azizatunnisa studying for her phd. (Mar, Missing Billion)

Healthcare Ensured short video feature on accessing universal healthcare. (Aug, Disability Justice Project)

Institutions and Deinstitutionalization

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‘Not To Be Feared’ Reports from one of Indonesia's last remaining leprosy settlements. (Sep, Disability Justice Project)

CBM kicks off work to improve mental health institutions. (Feb, CBM) Unclear how this fits into a process of deinstitutionalization.

International Cooperation

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Disability Rights: A guide to monitoring compliance (Apr, Formasi Disabilitas)

Lived Experience and Opinion

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‘We Are Born Perfect’ Rina Prasarani Has a Message for Disabled Women: “Don’t Give Up, Keep Fighting, and Show We Can.” (Mar, Disability Justice Project)

Agus's Story profile on an international advocate for the rights of people with psychosocial disabilities. (In Bahasa, Feb, Detik Edu)

Sticks and Stones Naufal Asy-Syaddad Encourages Other Young Indonesians with Autism to Know Their Rights (Jul, Disability Justice Project)

Policy and Rights

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National Commission on Disabilities receives thousands of complaints through a National Disabilities Channel. (Dec, Antara News)

Input to the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Aug, Human Rights Watch)