This page features the news on disability from Ireland in the Debrief Library. See also news from other countries.


Civil Society and Community

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New grassroots organisation aims to change perceptions of disability with 'radical' events (Jun, Irish Examiner)

Economics and Social Protection

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Government must not forget disabled people in this cost of living crisis (Jul, The

Social Protection


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History and Memorial

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Maeve McCormack Nolan obituary: Celebrated artist and disability advocate. (May, Irish Times)

Institutions and Deinstitutionalization

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Concern over future safeguarding incidents at disability services raised in Donegal review (Apr, The Irish Times)

Lived Experience and Opinion

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Does Representation Miss the Point When it Comes to Creating Body Diversity in Fashion?

"Looking back on my relationship with my body—and perhaps more importantly, the world’s perception of it—it makes sense that I gravitated towards the fashion industry. Even in my teenage years, I knew that clothes could be used as a vehicle to create change. [...] It was also disappointing that such efforts were needed for people to see me the way I wanted to be seen." (Mar, Vogue)

War in Ukraine

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Appeals and Statements

Disabled Women Ireland Statement on supporting disabled people arriving from Ukraine (DWI)