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COVID-19 and social policy in contexts of existing inequality: experiences of youth with disabilities. “The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the marginalisation of adolescents and young people with disabilities [...] as health, education and social protection systems have been slow to mobilise targeted support and address social exclusion.” (2022, Disability and Society)

Communication and Language

Language in Medical Worlds: Hearing Technology for Deaf Jordanian Children "The focus on the acquisition of orality and speech for deaf Jordanians, to the exclusion of other forms of language and communication, can result in deaf Jordanian children not being able to communicate—in any modality—as well as their having a diminished sense of belonging to broader deaf collectivities." (2022, Medical Anthropology)

Data and Research

Government update on use of the Washington Group questions in the census and other surveys. (link to pdf, 2022, United Nations Statistical Commission)

Humanitarian, Migrants and Refugees

Jordan’s sole refuge for people with disabilities risk closure as COVID-19 dries up donations (2022, Global Voices)

Mental Health

‘Amman is a prison’: Rise in suicides highlights mental health crisis in Jordan: ‘Instead of addressing the structural problems, the government is trying to punish and repress the symptoms of the crisis.’ (2022, The New Humanitarian)

Mobility, Travel, Transport and Tourism

Accessibility issues remain a barrier at Jordan’s tourist attractions (2023, Jordan Times)

People with disabilities see long road ahead to accessible public transport (2022, Jordan Times)

Policy and Rights

Jordan stands out as a regional leader on disability rights. Celebrating a “sophisticated body of law” and calling for actions to address inequalities and exclusion. (2022, Gerard Quinn)