This page features the news on disability from Malawi in the Debrief Library. See also news from other countries.


Assistive Technology

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Relevance of assistive technology and the sustainable development goals to stakeholder organizations. “The cross-cutting nature of the relevance of AT underscores the importance of cross-ministerial cooperation and shared leadership in provision AT.” (Nov, Global Health Action)

Age related increase in impairment across the life course: the use of Zomba curves to estimate assistive technology needs.

Economics and Social Protection

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Financial Inclusion

Persons with disabilities grapple with loan accessibility. (Oct, Disability Justice Project)

Education and Childhood

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Short documentary film Falling Behind exploring “Mismanagement of Funds and A Lack of Accessible Financial Assistance Information Put Students with Disabilities at Risk” (Dec, Disability Justice Project)

‘I might be lucky and go back to school’: Factors affecting inclusion in education for children with disabilities in rural Malawi. (Nov, African Journal on Disability)

Employment, Business and Work

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Disability inclusive employment in urban Malawi: A multi-perspective interview study. Explores the gap between policy and practice, looks into the informal labour market, economic factors as a source of discrimination and includes a scathing remark about international NGOs that “come to Malawi”:

“They come with their agenda of inclusion. But you'd find that for them to accommodate persons with disabilities, it would not be easy for them. You'd find they have signed commitments, whatever, out there, but [when] they come to Malawi—nothing like that is happening.” (Jul, Journal of International Development)


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‘We live in fear because of our skin’: Malawians with albinism demand action to reduce cancer risk. (Feb, the Guardian)

Mismanagement of public resources affecting healthcare of people with disability (Jul, Malawi24)

International Cooperation

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Deepening Diversity for a More Inclusive Malawi (Feb, Disability Rights Fund)

Lived Experience and Opinion

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Youtube channel from Du Lucius a “Deafblind young man from Malawi, student at secondary school and l will be sharing my life style, Deafblind and disability awareness” (Feb, Youtube)