This page features the news on disability from Malaysia in the Debrief Library. See also news from other countries.


Accessibility and Design

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Poor disabled-friendly facilities a bane for handicapped persons in Kedah. “I am unable to visit wet markets, grocery stores, hospitals, clinics, shops, restaurants, cafés, books stores and ATMs, when I'm in my wheelchair.” (Mar, New Straits Times)

Civil Society and Community

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Sen. Ras Adiba Radzi disability-rights advocate honored in Washington. (Mar, BenarNews)

Economics and Social Protection

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Financial Inclusion

Ras Adiba calls for introduction of more inclusive financial system for persons with disabilities. (Sep, Malay Mail)

New initiative to support financial education of blind people. (Aug, Disability Insider)

Social Protection

How an OKU card [disability card] benefits persons with disabilities (Aug, Free Malaysia Today)

History and Memorial

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Disabled activist Anthony Thanasayan passes away aged 63. (Feb, The Star) Also celebrated on the Debrief.

Lived Experience and Opinion

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A day in the life of people with visual impairments. (Mar, Malaysia Now)

Policy and Rights

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Podcast discussion on the persons with disabilities act: “a toothless tiger”. (No transcript, Feb, BFM)

Nothing about Us without Us “Malaysia has a long-standing practice of making policy decisions and planning programmes for persons with disabilities (OKU) and care partners – without engaging us.” (Dec, FMT)

Politics and Elections

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A survey of over 700 people to examine opinions of the disability community regarding factors that influence their voting behaviour and disability issues that are important to them. Key priorities identified were employment, education, and enforcing rights. The study also shows reasons people did not register for disability cards: they were not aware of it, worried it might lead to stigma, or did not see how it would help them. (Make the Right Real) See coverage on Free Malaysia Today.