Disability in Malta

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Economics and Social Protection

Social Protection

Man pocketing disability benefits becomes first person to be jailed. “The social benefits racket saw hundreds of people receiving monthly payments after they used falsified documents to be certified as severely disabled.” (Jan, Newsbook Malta)

Employment, Business and Work

Companies avoid employing disabled workers with €10,000 'fee' “The situation continues in spite of a law which states that firms with over 50 workers require 2% of their workforce to be made up of people with disabilities. This law currently provides the possibility for a firm to pay a contribution with a limit of €10,000.” (Apr, Malta Today)

Mobility, Travel, Transport and Tourism

Air Travel

KM Malta Airlines’ wheelchair requirements ‘discriminatory' “KM Malta Airline’s requirement for wheelchair users to fill in and submit a €15 medical form when booking a flight has been labelled “discriminatory” by CRPD Commissioner Rhoda Garland.” (Apr, Times of Malta)

Policy and Rights

Discussion of quality of life of disabled people with Agenzija Sapport’s CEO Oliver Scicluna, former Commissioner for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. (Feb, Malta Independent)