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In Humanitarian, Migrants and Refugees:

Women with disabilities: the other face of migration. (2023, Yo También)


Culture, Entertainment and Media


Arjen Power a Mexican heroine with disability for inclusion in comics. (In Spanish, Feb, Yo También)

Soumaya Museum: art for everyone. (In Spanish, 2023, Yo También)

People with disabilities behind plushie concert craze: “the toys are made by a group of some 400 people with disabilities in a factory in Puebla.” (2022, La Prensa Latina)

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TV and Film

‘Iluminados’ by Jorge Curioca a documentary following the blind visual artist Pedro Miranda and the psychic Iris Palau: “two people for whom sight is a central and recurring theme in their lives.” (In Spanish, Feb, IMCINE)

Ana Paula, a young Mexican woman who inspired the film Campeonex. Ana Paula “lives for art and painting. She has autism, is non-verbal and for much of her life she was unable to communicate with her family.” (In Spanish, 2023, Yo También)

Disability has a minimum presence on Mexican television: to marginalize is to discriminate. (In Spanish, 2023, Yo También.)

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Digital Accessibility and Technology

Social Media

Disability Tiktokers video feature. (In Spanish, 2023, Yo También)

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Economics and Social Protection

Social Protection

Workers with disabilities without social protection. (In Spanish, 2023, Yo También)

Irregularities in Teletón and benefits for the wellbeing of people with permanent disabilities. Also: what Teleton owes us. (In Spanish, 2023, Yo También)

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Education and Childhood


Inclusive education: four years after reform, only 2% of matriculating students have disabilities. (2023, Yo También.)

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Higher Education

Mexico failed to ensure access to inclusive tertiary education for woman with intellectual disability, UN Committee finds. “This case is not about lowering admission standards but about appropriate modifications and adjustments in assessing applications from people with disabilities during the admission process,” (2023, OHCHR)

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Gender Equality and Women with Disabilities


What is the national day of women with disability? (In Spanish, 2023, Yo También)

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International Women's Day

Look at me, I'm also a woman demands of women with disabilities. (In Spanish, 2023, Yo También)

Women’s Disability Rights Should Not Only Exist on Paper: “demanding inclusion in services provided for women, particularly related to gender-based violence.” (2022, Human Rights Watch)

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History and Memorial

Review of 'Bedlam in the New World: A Mexican Madhouse in the Age of Enlightenment' “a social and micro-history of the Hospital de San Hipólito, the first hospital established in the Western Hemisphere to specialize in the care of those encountering mental disorders and madness.” (2023, H-Disability)

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Humanitarian, Migrants and Refugees


Women with disabilities: the other face of migration. (2023, Yo También)

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Interview with Deciding is my Right a coalition of organizations that advocated for a law establishing full legal capacity. Asked why they focussed on all individuals, not just persons with disabilities:

“We need to see the bigger picture: The recognition of legal status and legal capacity is a human right, it is universal, and it should not be attached to specific groups. Every person, simply by virtue of being a person, has the right to exercise such capacity, to make decisions autonomously. If support is needed, support can certainly be provided. But the decision rests with the person. There is no reason to replace it with substitute decision-making.” (2023, Human Rights Watch)

Two brothers imprisoned because of their disability their intellectual disabilities a primary factor in how they were treated by police. (In Spanish, 2023, Yo También)

Congress approves a new civil and family code that ends the legal position identifying some disabled people as minors. (2023, El País)

The right for all persons to decide over their own lives. (In Spanish, 2023, Yo También)

Manual on Justice and Persons with Disabilities a reference for judges and others in the legal system to apply a rights-based approach to disability. See also a launch event on youtube. (in Spanish, 2021, Supreme Court)

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Lived Experience and Opinion

Disability is living life in a more creative way. Profile of of Odila Agustín, who “decided to use her voice and personal experience to remove fears and increase inclusion at Procter & Gamble.” (In Spanish, 2023, Yo También)

Short-film “Sufficient” features five disabled people and the barriers they have faced. (In Spanish, 2023, Yo También)

A wonderful short video on inspiration porn reflecting on ableism, privilege and presentations of disability online. (In Spanish, no image description, 2022, Ruido En La Red)

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Mobility, Travel, Transport and Tourism

It is not a car “The Citroën Ami electric microcar has had a lot of recognition, and has now joined forces with PIMAS to become a vehicle for people with limited abilities” (In Spanish, 2023, Cero a 100)

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Policy and Rights

Living with the stigma of facial disfigurement in Mexico. (Link to pdf, Feb, Face Equality International)

A Procedure Centered in the Person: Mexico’s New Law Grants Full Legal Capacity, Ends Guardianship. (2023, Human Rights Watch)

Mexico Bill Would Further Endanger Disability Rights “Right to Make Decisions Should Not Turn on ‘Capacity’” (2022, Human Rights Watch)

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Politics and Elections

Two National Electoral Institute employees with disabilities encouraging others with disabilities to vote. (In Spanish, Apr, Yo También)

IECM presents accessible materials but disabled people find they are not adequate. (In Spanish, Feb, Yo También)

Cripwashing the presence of the National Guard in the Metro of Mexico City – by publishing pictures of them assisting disabled people. (In Spanish, 2023, Yo También)

Statements Urging Stronger Political Representation for People with Intellectual Disabilities (2022, Human Rights Watch)

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Violence and Harassment

High Toll of Violence For Women With Disabilities, according to a new survey. (2022, Human Rights Watch)

Mother of Child with Autism Killed after Seeking Protection from Authorities. “Luz reported being threatened by a neighbor because he didn’t like the noises her son made during crises. She also said the neighbor had attacked her with industrial bleach.” (2022, Human Rights Watch)

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