This page features the news on disability from Mexico in the Debrief Library. See also news from other countries.


Civil Society and Community

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Mexico City wheelchair users rally for more accessibility (Aug, Yahoo! News)

Culture, Entertainment and Media

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People with disabilities behind plushie concert craze: “the toys are made by a group of some 400 people with disabilities in a factory in Puebla.” (Sep, La Prensa Latina)

TV and Film

Disability has a minimum presence on Mexican television: to marginalize is to discriminate. (In Spanish, Jan, Yo También.)

Digital Accessibility and Technology

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Social Media

Disability Tiktokers video feature. (In Spanish, Feb, Yo También)

Economics and Social Protection

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Social Protection

Irregularities in Teletón and benefits for the wellbeing of people with permanent disabilities. Also: what Teleton owes us. (In Spanish, Feb, Yo También)

Education and Childhood

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Inclusive education: four years after reform, only 2% of matriculating students have disabilities. (Mar, Yo También.)

Gender Equality and Women with Disabilities

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International Women's Day

Look at me, I'm also a woman demands of women with disabilities. (In Spanish, Mar, Yo También)

Women’s Disability Rights Should Not Only Exist on Paper: “demanding inclusion in services provided for women, particularly related to gender-based violence.” (Mar, Human Rights Watch)

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The right for all persons to decide over their own lives. (In Spanish, Feb, Yo También)

Manual on Justice and Persons with Disabilities a reference for judges and others in the legal system to apply a rights-based approach to disability. See also a launch event on youtube. (in Spanish, Dec, Supreme Court)

Lived Experience and Opinion

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Short-film “Sufficient” features five disabled people and the barriers they have faced. (In Spanish, Mar, Yo También)

A wonderful short video on inspiration porn reflecting on ableism, privilege and presentations of disability online. (In Spanish, no image description, Jul, Ruido En La Red)

Policy and Rights

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Mexico Bill Would Further Endanger Disability Rights “Right to Make Decisions Should Not Turn on ‘Capacity’” (Apr, Human Rights Watch)

Politics and Elections

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Cripwashing the presence of the National Guard in the Metro of Mexico City – by publishing pictures of them assisting disabled people. (In Spanish, Jan, Yo También)

Violence and Harassment

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High Toll of Violence For Women With Disabilities, according to a new survey. (Sep, Human Rights Watch)

Mother of Child with Autism Killed after Seeking Protection from Authorities. “Luz reported being threatened by a neighbor because he didn’t like the noises her son made during crises. She also said the neighbor had attacked her with industrial bleach.” (Jul, Human Rights Watch)