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In War in Ukraine:

"I want to go back" testimonies from older people who left Ukraine. (2022, Help Age)


Education and Childhood

Turned Away From Teaching, Disabled Moldovan 'Astonished' By Discrimination. “Told she could not become a teacher because she was born without one hand and forearm, but she has never given up on her dream.” (Video feature, subtitles in English, 2023, Radio Free Europe)

Employment, Business and Work

Give people with disabilities a chance to work experience of a woman with disability working at an electronic systems company. (2022, ILO Voices)

Independent Living and Deinstitutionalization

Conditions in Institutions

Institutionalised neglect and psychiatric placement for mildly disabled child in State care illustrates systemic discrimination:

“The Court found in particular that the existing Moldovan legal framework fell short of the State’s duty (“positive obligation”) to establish and apply effectively a system providing protection to intellectually disabled persons in general, and to children without parental care in particular, against serious breaches of their integrity.” (Mar, European Court of Human Rights)

European Court Judgment Exposes Discrimination and Abuse of Children with Disabilities. “The Court’s ruling sheds lights on systemic failures within Moldova’s legal framework, particularly concerning the involuntary placement of children with disabilities in psychiatric hospitals and the absence of independent safeguards to prevent abuse.” (Mar, Validity)

Policy and Rights

Situation Analysis of the rights of persons with disabilities. (2022, UNPRPD)

War in Ukraine

Evacuating or Leaving Ukraine

Regional social protection overview For Ukrainian refugees who have temporary protection in six host countries: Czechia, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia. (2023, Acaps)

Enabling support for Ukrainian refugees with disabilities in the Republic of Moldova (2023, WHO)

"I want to go back" testimonies from older people who left Ukraine. (2022, Help Age)

Rapid Needs Assessment of Older Refugees

"Only 22% of older people interviewed had a disability. This is surprisingly low and may reflect that many of those with a disability have found it harder to flee their homes. Agencies should be prepared in coming weeks for older people arriving who need assistive aids such as hearing aids, wheelchairs, and incontinence pads, which may have been left behind, lost, or broken along the journey. " (link to pdf, 2022, Help Age)