This page features the news on disability from Netherlands in the Debrief Library. See also news from other countries.


Accessibility and Design

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The Netherlands is still lagging behind in accessibility for wheelchairs. (Mar, NL Times)

Civil Society and Community

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Reducing prejudices about people with disabilities interesting to see that it doesn't approve of the simulation exercises (in Dutch, google translate makes some sense, Jan, Movisie)

Culture, Entertainment and Media

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TV and Film

Never Seen “is a documentary produced by Naima Abdullahi that offers us a glimpse into the life of Nimco Hersi and shows how she navigates Dutch society as a Black deaf woman” (Jan, Casco Art)

Institutions and Deinstitutionalization

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Inspectorate sees staggering conditions in an institutional setting with abuse of clients. (In Dutch, Feb, NOS)

Mobility, Travel, Transport and Tourism

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This tiny Dutch vehicle for people with disabilities is taking off: “a compact four-wheeled, two-seat microcar that's unlocking micromobility”. (Dec, MIT Technology Review)

An interview about Haltebuddy: personalizing accessibility information in public transport. (Jan, Amserdam Intelligence)

Policy and Rights

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Dutch amend constitution to specify gay, disabled protections. "an historic day for the disability movement". (Jan, Reuters)