This page features the news on disability from Nigeria in the Debrief Library. See also news from other countries.


Accessibility and Design

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Nigeria ramps up efforts to improve accessibility of sustainable spaces. (Mar, EnviroNews Nigeria)

Assistive Technology

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The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development recently developed a four-year national roadmap on local production of standard assistive technologies for persons with disabilities. (Aug, Inclusive News)


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Communication and Language

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Book Famine: How policies in Nigeria limit visually impaired persons’ access to books. (Jan, Premium Times)

Disaster Risk Reduction and Crisis Response

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Economics and Social Protection

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Financial Inclusion

Gaining respect and financial stability: stories from Nigerian women. Village Savings and Loans Associations to help women set up their own businesses and cover expenses. (Nov, CBM)

Social Protection

In a leprosy colony residents endure stigma and neglect. “There are 64 leprosy settlements across Nigeria but most are in varying states of disrepair with little to no funding.” The article describes how conditions have deteriorated in one colony since the missionaries who founded the colony then left, but people have remained, and new support is not sufficient. (Jun, Aljazeera)

Education and Childhood

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Translating Human Rights in Education: The Influence of Article 24 UN CRPD Comparing the meanings of inclusive education in Nigeria and Germany, and how the development of inclusive education has depended on “institutionalized special education” rather than a rights-based approach. (University of Michigan Press)

Inclusive Education celebrating an amazing partnership & lasting impact (May, CBM UK)

Employment, Business and Work

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Decent work inaccessible to most workers with disabilities: a survey of 600 workers with disabilities. “Most of the 660 workers surveyed are self-employed and in the informal sector. Almost half of respondents earn less than Nigeria’s minimum wage and say their work environment is not accommodating to their disability.” (Mar, Solidarity Center)

Inside the lives of professionals living with invisible disabilities in Nigerian workplaces. (Jan, Techpoint)

Documentary released on women living with disabilities in mining communities (Jun, Guardian Nigeria)

Gender Equality and Women with Disabilities

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Assessing impact of Disability Act on Nigerian women (Jul, BluePrint)


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Report on barriers to healthcare access for Deaf Nigerian Women and Girls during Emergencies. (Dec, WFD)

Healthcare Services Should be Inclusive of Persons with Disabilities: Here is How. (Aug, Nigeria Health Watch)

Albinism group calls for reinstatement of free skin cancer treatment. (May, Radio Nigeria)

Humanitarian, Migrants and Refugees

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Stories of being disabled and displaced from Sokoto and Zamfara. (Oct, ICIR Nigeria)

International Cooperation

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Building a Movement for Inclusive Nigeria: Highlights of DRF's Grantee Convening. (Nov, Disability Rights Fund)

Lived Experience and Opinion

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From telecoms engineer to disability advocate: interview with Dolapo Agbede (Feb, Techpoint)

It’s The Little Things: stories and life experience of people with visual impairments. (Jul, Unbias the News)

Mobility, Travel, Transport and Tourism

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Air Travel

We shall picket airports plans to protest against lack of access in airports and airlines. (Nov, Inclusive News)

Calls Mount For Nigerian Airports To Be Made More Accessible (May, Inclusive News Network)

Policy and Rights

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Stakeholders Hail Signing Of African Disability Protocol (Feb, Heritage Times)

Disability-Inclusive Education and Employment: Understanding the Context (Mastercard Foundation)

10% of social investment programmes will be set aside for inclusion of persons with disabilities, declares the minister of social development. (Sep, The Cable)

The House of Representatives passes a bill prohibiting discrimination against persons with disability (Jun, Nigerian Tribune)

Nigerian Disability Rights Acts: 3 years after Prospects and challenges (Jan, Pulse NG)

Lagos Govt Reiterates Commitment to People with Disabilities "with the launch of comic books aimed at promoting a friendly platform for disability inclusion." (Dec, This Day)

Politics and Elections

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I Voted: Benedicta Oyèdayọ̀ Oyèwọlé Documents the Challenges Nigerians with Disabilities Faced Voting in February’s Elections. (Mar, Disability Justice Project)

CEAMI Initiative Launches GoVote Campaign For People With Disabilities In Nigeria’s Elections (Mar, Inclusive News Network)

A young person with disabilitiy and first time voter documents their experience on polling day with text and photos. (Feb, Oyedayo, Twitter)

INEC and the Police assure people living with disability of safety. “In the unfortunate incidence or occurrence of electoral violence, threat or intimidation, the PWDs are unfortunately the most vulnerable groups that may be most adversely affected. Hence, most of them shy away from the polls to safeguard themselves,” (Feb, Punch)

How blind people are frustrated by INEC’s failure to provide Braille ballot. “For over 10 years, I have been voting. My son does help me. But you know I can’t trust him because he may have a different choice from what I asked him to do for me.” (Jan, Informant 24/7)

The Independent National Electoral Commission registers 73,609 voters with disabilities (Jul, Inclusive News)

Nigerians with disabilities seek inclusion in electoral process. (Jun, Aljazeera)

Relationships, Sex and Reproductive Rights

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‘How Long Do We Have To Wait?’ Inclusive and Intersectional Sexual and Reproductive Health Resources for all Nigerians. (Nov, Disability Justice Project)

‘You Can’t Legislate Attitudes’ Discussion on the Deterioration of Rights for Queer and Disabled Nigerians (Nov, Disability Justice Project)

Violence and Harassment

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‘He Knew’: People With Disabilities Are More Vulnerable To Sexual Abuse. A story of Ifeoma and how the impacts “impacts of her encounter with an abuser are still visible in her life, decades after the incident took place.” (Feb, HumAngle)

Failure to Protect: Disabilities and Gender-Based Violence In Nigeria. (Nov, Minority Africa)

How organisations of persons with disabilities are keeping people safe. Among disability organizations ”there is limited understanding of key concepts of safeguarding, why they are important, and what needs to be in place to operationalise these concepts to keep people safe” (Mar, RSH)

Water and Sanitation (WASH)

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Accessible Sanitation in the Workplace Important Considerations for Disability-Inclusive Employment in Nigeria and Bangladesh (Jan, IDS)