This page features the news on disability from Pakistan in the Debrief Library. See also news from other countries.


Economics and Social Protection

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Social Protection

Employment, Business and Work

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The Human Rights Ministry wants disability quota filled “The ministry for human rights on Saturday wrote official letters to 29 government departments to implement two percent disability employment quota.” (May, Dawn)

Gender Equality and Women with Disabilities

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Humanitarian, Migrants and Refugees

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Afghan refugee removes obstacles barring kids with disabilities from school The Afgahn Refugee Disabled Union provides wheelchairs to help kids get to school. (Feb, UNHCHR)

Policy and Rights

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Pakistani people with disabilities “It has taken a long time for Pakistan to pass legislation to contend with some of the challenges faced by PWDs” (Jul, Tribune)

Socio-Economic inclusion of PWDs Towards an Inclusive, Accessible & Sustainable Pakistan (Dec, Pakistan Today)

Politics and Elections

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