This page features the news on disability from Poland in the Debrief Library. See also news from other countries.


Employment, Business and Work

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Survey report on 10 principles for successfully employing people with disabilities A mixture of experiences of disabled people, employers, and guidance for businesses to become more inclusive. (link to pdf, Dec, TAKpelnosprawni)

Institutions and Deinstitutionalization

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Horror Behind Closed Doors of Polish Residential Institution. “Women and Girls with Intellectual Disabilities Beaten, Tied, and Locked in Caged Bed” (Jun, Human Rights Watch)

Mobility, Travel, Transport and Tourism

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What if I were to take your place a short advertisement that starts of sexy and ends up... well you'll have to watch it for the twist. See some background on Red Pepper.

War in Ukraine

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Evacuating or Leaving Ukraine

‘We long for home - but our son has chances here’: “their eldest son Roman, who has cerebral palsy and learning disabilities, has been given the chance to go to school for the first time. He is 20 years old.” See also a video feature. (Dec, BBC)

Situation analysis on the assistive technology needs of Ukrainian people in Poland. (May, WHO)

Interview with Autism-Poland Association on the situation on the border with Ukraine (Apr, EDF)

Ukrainian families with disabilities get new chance “Ukrainian families are finding better opportunities for their children with disabilities in Poland. Local volunteer organizations help them on their journey to adapt to their new life.” (DW)

Special assistance is needed for some refugees on those with disabilities arriving in Poland (in Polish, March, Rzeczpospolita)

Poland representative stated that mong the over million Ukrainians who arrived fleeing the war, 100,000 are with disabilities, mostly children. They are arriving without basic assistive technologies like wheelchairs, canes, etc. Poland is trying to find Ukrainian sign language interpreters, develop accessibility and support. (9 Mar, Alejandro Moledo) Polish rehabilitation centres are offering their services for free.

War refugees with disabilities in Poland - situation, support, needs. Links to this page with a list of resource organizations in Polish. (8 Mar, Inclusion Europe)