This page features the news on disability from Tunisia in the Debrief Library. See also news from other countries.


Communication and Language

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Data and Research

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Quality of life and its predicting factors for Tunisian children with cerebral palsy. (Dec, African Journal on Disability)

Employment, Business and Work

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"We are all different" video featuring the situation of workers with disabilities, discrimination against them, and political actions taken. Great selection of people working in different areas including entrepreneurs and artists. (in Arabic, with English subtitles., Oct, Solidarity Center and UGTT)

Policy and Rights

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Experts of the CRPD Commend Tunisia on Distributing Accessible Technology, Ask Questions on Disaster Response Plans and Access for Refugees and Asylum Seekers with Disabilities to Essential Services (Mar, OHCHR)

Situation Analysis of the rights of persons with disabilities. (Nov, UNPRPD)