This page features the news on disability from Uganda in the Debrief Library. See also news from other countries.



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The response to Covid-19 in Northern Uganda should be disability-inclusive. A report on a research project between June 21 to August 22. (Dec, University of Bristol)

Communication and Language

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Sign Languages

Reasonable accommodation for Deaf persons on why provision of a sign language interpreter needs to be accompanied by further measures. (Mar, IDA)

Culture, Entertainment and Media

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TV and Film

The Ugandan woman behind TV for the deaf (Aug, Disability Insider)

Economics and Social Protection

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Social Protection

Disability Inclusion Lifts Rural Ugandan Families From Poverty description of a poverty-reduction programme by BRAC (Jun,

Social protection for disability inclusion in Uganda. See also synthesis paper that compares Uganda and Kenya. (Dec, Inclusive Futures)

Education and Childhood

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A Fundraiser by Connor Scott-Gardner to help Salama Blind School after a Devastating Fire (Nov, Go Fund Me)

Understanding child disability: Factors associated with child disability at the Iganga-Mayuge Health and Demographic Surveillance Site (Apr, Plos One)

Employment, Business and Work

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Closing the Employment Gap a feature video on how Ugandans with Disabilities Advocate for a More Inclusive Work Environment (Dec, Disability Justice Project)

Celebrating “Make 12,4% work” a project for economic empowerment of persons with disabilities. Report discusses the way disability inclusion facilitators implemented the program and a detailed description of methodology and lessons learned. “Disability Inclusive Development is an emerging field with no blueprint readily available for practitioners developing and implementing programmes in the sector. In addition, a high level of complexity exists due to intersectionality and the diversity in disability.” (Sep, LFTW)

Banking on Inclusion the experience of Stanbic bank. See also Lekker Bakery and Riley Packaging. (Jun, Make 12.4% Work)

Gender Equality and Women with Disabilities

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Leave No Woman Behind: A blog on Disability, Gender, and Employment. (Nov, Disability Justice Project)

Leading the Charge a feature on Christine Oliver Dhikusooka and her work mobilizing around women with disabilities. (Sep, Disability Justice Project)


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Hospital and a home: Uganda shelters offer a lifeline to cancer patients. (Dec, the Guardian)

International Cooperation

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Uganda’s Diverse Disability Movement Offers Lessons for an Ableist Global Philanthropy (Nov, Yes!)

Lived Experience and Opinion

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Let it pass an animated poem about the lived experience of anxiety. (Nov, Making it Work)

Policy and Rights

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A music video on disability rights: Did You Know - Air Jay ft Daxx Kartel (Jul, Make 12.4% Work)

Violence and Harassment

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Disability status, partner behavior, and the risk of sexual intimate partner violence: an analysis of the demographic and health survey data. (Oct, BMC Public Health)