This page features the news on disability from Uzbekistan in the Debrief Library. See also news from other countries.


Civil Society and Community

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Dreaming beyond the impossible: A story of disability rights activism in Uzbekistan. (Feb, UNSDG)

Data and Research

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Layers and Ranges of Disabling Borders A chapter exploring enduring legacies of segregation and ableism in the socio-politics of disability in Uzbekistan. (Invisible Borders in a Bordered World)

Employment, Business and Work

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Barriers to disability-inclusive employment: A pilot qualitative study of disabled people's lived experiences. “The current institutional and policy framework is rooted in the Soviet legacies of disability assessment which conflates disability with the loss of working capacity.” (Jul, Journal of International Development)

Mobility, Travel, Transport and Tourism

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Inaccessible public transportation a video of a wheelchair user not managing to get on buses explained on twitter. (in Uzbek, no subtitles, Jun)

Policy and Rights

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Situation Analysis of the rights of persons with disabilities. (Nov, UNPRPD)