Disability in Yemen

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Education and Childhood

How one blind boy helped rebuild his school. (Short video, Sep, BBC)

The children of a forgotten war stories of children living with injuries from the war. "Buy me a gun,” says Amir, “I will load a bullet in my gun and fire at those who took my leg.” (Jul, BBC)

Humanitarian, Migrants and Refugees

Dire situation for people with disabilities. An alarming report: 81% of those surveyed could not reach or use humanitarian services. Of the 300 local organizations providing disability services before the war, “only a fraction remain, with extremely limited capacity and resources”. One person interviewed said that:

“we simply cannot escape when explosions or armed clashes take place. This is a fear of every Yemeni, yet our limitations prevent us from being able to quickly get away from such hostile situations. It is a constant fear persons with disabilities in Yemen live with, and it’s holding us back from being able to do many things such as looking for sources of income.” (2022, Humanity & Inclusion)

Water and Sanitation (WASH)

A feature on safe latrines for the Bait Al-Amir community includes a section on inclusion of persons with disabilities. (2022, Sanitation Learning Hub)