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This page lists the countries in South America with resources and recent highlights.


Recent Highlights

In Argentina:

Julia risso, podcaster and activist: “I hate the word inclusion. I don't want to be included anywhere, I'm already here.” (In Spanish, 2023, BBC News)

Four Feet High A charming series from 2020. A portrait of young people figuring out identity issues on a rollercoaster of relationships, identity, inclusion and exclusion. 'Revolutionises the way the body is represented on the screen' (in Spanish, with subtitles in English and other languages, 2021, Arte TV)

In Brazil:

Changes and challenges that disabled people bring to educational institutions. Feature exploring increased rates of enrolment but gaps in policies and teaching practices. (In Portuguese, 2023, Pesquisa FAPESP) See reflections on the Debrief.

The Situation of Black People with Disabilities in Brazil “The historical context of the black population with disabilities in Brazil is underpinned by the history of enslavement and the impacts of colonization that last until today.” (2023, Minority Rights Group)

The Brazilians advocating for digital accessibility. (2022, Fair Planet)

‘Our country is getting old’: the man changing how Brazil sees dementia. “Developing countries are getting old in a shorter period of time without resources and with poverty.” (2022, the Guardian)

The National Health Policy for People with Disabilities: An Analysis of the Content, Context and the Performance of Social Actors. “Undoubtedly, the neoliberal offensive on social policies, especially the Unified Health System, is the main obstacle to the effective implementation of the [National Health Policy for Persons with Disabilities]” (2022, Health Policy and Planning)

In Colombia:

Meet The Blind Birder Reimagining Accessibility In The Outdoors. See also part 2. (2023, Science Friday)

Documentary on law 1996 of 2019: “a path to equality”. The development and first three years of a law promoting legal capacity of persons with disabilities. (2022, Paiis Uniandes)

Colombia’s journey to produce disability statistics (2022, Data 4 SDGs)

In Peru:

Why aren't there inclusive cities and societies? A video profile of Andrea Burga. (In Spanish, Jan, DW)

Disabled People in Peru's Political Protests. Debrief feature exploring disability in political protests and showing how disabled people are playing an active role in the political crisis. (2023, Disability Debrief)