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Still Kicking a “workshop is designed to inform the emerging conversation around the intersection of ageism and ableism”. (Dec, Old School)

A guide on Bringing generations together for change: Learning from intergenerational approaches to address issues facing older and younger people. (HelpAge)

Older people left out as UN speeches repeatedly invoke young. “Older persons are pretty much missing, everybody thinks that the future is just something for younger persons.” (Sep, AP News)

A report from UN Independent Expert on Older persons deprived of liberty: “older persons are more likely to be de facto deprived of liberty
in care facilities than in prisons” (Sep, UN) See commentary from Human Rights Watch.

Book-review of the The Aging–Disability Nexus (Jul, Disability Studies Community)

The Special Rapporteur on Disability on Making International Protection Of Adults Consistent With The CRPD “A similar revolution of ideas is now permeating the field concerning the rights of older persons. Any future treaty on the rights of older persons is also likely to be grounded on dignity and autonomy. ” (Jul, Gerard Quinn)

Five priorities to tackle abuse of older people (1) combat ageism; (2) generate more and better data on prevalence and on risk and protective factors; (3) develop and scale up cost–effective solutions; (4) make an investment case for addressing the issue; and (5) raise funds to tackle the issue. (Jun, Decade of Healthy Ageing)

An easy-read version on how older people are treated very badly and what countries should do to make sure that older people get their human rights. (link to pdf, Jun, Independent Expert for UNHRC)

Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing Country Progress reports (UNECE)

A policy brief on Better protecting the human rights in older age and the work of the UN group exploring this issue. (BAGSO)

Low Income Puts Older People’s Rights at Risk. Brief recap on ageing issues, and international discussions to start a drafting a treaty protecting older people's rights. (May, Human Rights Watch)

A meeting of the working group dedicated to strengthening the protection of the human rights of older persons. (Apr, UNDESA)

UN Advocacy Brief on Older Women: Inequality at the Intersection of Age and Gender (Mar, Decade of Healthy Ageing)

A background paper Measuring the Autonomy, Participation, and Contribution of Older People (link to pdf, March, Center for Inclusive Policy)

As part of the Age with Rights campaign a Global Rally calling for the stronger protection and promotion of older people's human rights. (Mar, Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People) See also from Human Rights Watch.

Baseline Report for the Decade of Healthy Ageing. It's striking to see how this summary avoids mentioning disability when its first page is basically an illustration of an adapted social model of disability. (Jan, WHO)

Statement on Ageing with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus

'Related – perhaps inseparable – from the physical health challenges faced by SBH adults and increased reports of mental health challenges. The lived experiences of many SBH adults involves increased isolation – in large part due to the changes in physical health described above, that can make it more difficult to enjoy a full social life. It is not surprising then that many people report an increase in anxiety and depression. This can result in a negative cycle, as people are less likely to make the effort to see others, which further increases the sense of isolation. ' (Dec, IF Global)


‘Our country is getting old’: the man changing how Brazil sees dementia. “Developing countries are getting old in a shorter period of time without resources and with poverty.” (Jun, the Guardian)


Discussion guide on ageism in Canada. (Aug, Government of Canada)


World Elder Abuse Awareness Day: ways forward. (Jun, Age Platform)

Policy brief revisiting Mainstreaming Ageing: "A more effective integration of ageing into all policies at all levels will enhance societal preparedness for population ageing and benefit all age groups." (Feb, UNECE)


Delhi Police to visit homes of senior citizens every evening (Jul, Devdiscourse)


“The Internal Police Officer Has Not Retired but Has Slowed Down”: Israeli Women Reframe Their Ageing Experiences in the Second Half of Life (Jan, Journal of Applied Gerontology)

Middle East and North Africa

Can review of the Madrid Plan on Ageing (MIPPA) Benefit the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region? (Feb, Population Ageing)

United Kingdom

Disability and ageing – time to think outside our silos? (Nov, Centre for Better Ageing)

United States

Ageist? Ableist? Who, Me? “Think what older people could learn from them about asking for help, adapting to impairment, and age pride! Think what younger people with disabilities could learn from olders about moving through life. Think how we’d all benefit if hearing and mobility aids were stripped of stigma. Let’s get interdependent!” (Jan, Generations)

How America’s ageism hurts, shortens lives of elderly. (Aug, Harvard Gazette)

Are We Inadvertently Contributing to Discrimination Against Older Adults? “To avoid despair or paralysis, informing the public about pressing needs must be paired with concrete examples of what society can do differently.” (Jul, Institute for Healthcare Improvement)