Black Lives Matter and Racial justice

This page features disability news on Black Lives Matter and Racial justice from the Debrief Library. See also news on other subjects.


DisCrit Expanded a collection of essays where “a diverse group of authors engage in inward, outward, and margin-to-margin analyses that raise deep and enduring questions about how we as scholars and teachers account for and counteract the collusive nature of oppressions faced by minoritized individuals with disabilities, particularly in educational contexts. ” (Feb, TC Press)


A report on the situation for black and other marginalized persons with disabilities. (Oct, Minority Rights Group)

United States

Black Disability Politics a book from Sami Schalk “explores how issues of disability have been and continue to be central to Black activism from the 1970s to the present [...] his work has not been recognized as part of the legacy of disability justice and liberation because Black disability politics differ in language and approach from the mainstream white-dominant disability rights movement.” (Duke University Press) See an interview with the author on Essence.

Racial Justice and Disability Justice: The Complex Journey (Aug, Non Profit Quarterly)

People of color and the disability rights movement: a short history. Interview with Jennifer Erkulwater:

“Not only did activists in the 1970s fear that assertions of racial identity would divide people with disabilities from one another, but throughout the 1980s activists posed disability rights as the antithesis of welfare, at a time when the term “welfare” became deeply racialized. [...] White activists with disabilities sometimes argued that Blacks had to sit at the back of the bus, but the disabled couldn’t even get on the bus.” (Jul, URevolution)

Racial disparities persist for disabled youth in spending on services for California children and teens with developmental disabilities. (May, Los Angeles Times)

How Disability Exacerbates Anti-Blackness: Anti-Blackness and Ableism Led to Ryan Coogler's Arrest (Mar, ARD)

Discussion of the book Mark of Slavery and its exploration of the intersection of slavery and disability. (Feb, Disability Insider)

Asian Americans with disabilities are often overlooked. A new youth-led group aims to change that. (Jan, NBC News)