Civil Society and Community

This page features disability news on Civil Society and Community from the Debrief Library. See also news on other subjects.


Foundation Giving for Disability: Priorities and Trends reports. About 2% of 2019 grantmaking went to disability-related grants. And, on top of that, it mostly focusses on services and supports rather than rights and justice. (Jan, Disability and Philanthropy)

Our Resistance stories of disability rights activists. (Dec, We are Purposeful)

Ridiculous Excuses not to be inclusive short, entertaining video of excuses people have used, including: “I'm sorry, but we already have one of those kids”. (Mar, CoorDown)

Understanding Minority Youth with Disabilities Through Data and Personal Experience: resources for Centers for Independent Living. (Dec, Mathematica)

Let's End Disability Stigma short video from people with disabilities around the world. (Dec, CBM UK)

Resourcing Disability Justice: Our Feminist Journey Toward Centring Disability Justice. (Link to PDF, Nov, Purposeful)

Book review of Deaf Empowerment: Resistance and Decolonization “an important book that provides new perspectives on Deaf empowerment.” (Oct, H-Disability)

Not just ticking the box: Findings of IDA's Global Survey on participation of organizations of persons with disabilities. In the face of “threats to civic participation and heightening barriers” to participation, there is increasing engagement with international organizations but decreasing engagement with governments. (Jun, IDA)

The 2022 D-30 Disability Impact List “honors the unique accomplishments of our most impactful community members globally” (Jul, Diversability)

The United Nations and others celebrated World Down Syndrome Day (Mar, UN)


Our understanding of limb difference is changing, and these young Australians are leading the way (Jul, ABC News)


How churches are a breeding ground for the exclusion of Persons with Disabilities: “Many church leaders subscribe to the charity model of disability” (Jan, Minority Africa)


Today, I don't want to advocate "disability prevention", what about you? (Aug, translated by google) Minority Talk


Disabled protesters unhappy with handling of their issues:

‘The protesters and their supporters expressed dissatisfaction with how the government has handled various issues of concern, with slogans such as: “No to exclusion, yes to recognition and respect”, “Segregation is not for the good of children”, “No to the dismantling of the welfare state” and “The right of disabled children to inclusive education is non-negotiable.”’ (Dec, Cyprus Mail) See also a video of the protestors.


Restricted participation: Drivers, experiences and implications of disability stigma. (Jan, African Journal of Disability)


Hundreds Of Disabled Activists Demand Rights in Brussels in a “Freedom Drive”. (Sep, ENIL)


In Bihar, People with disabilities launch ‘satyagraha’ “Thousands of people with disabilities from all the 38 districts of the state have launched an indefinite protest at Gandhi Maidan in support of their 46-point demands for their rights and welfare.”

The Protest Toolkit: “with our existence itself being a form of rebellion, our emotions and our community become our tools of protest.” (Aug, Women Enabled International) See also reflections on celebrating disability pride in India.


‘We exist but we are ignored’: The Iranian disability rights activist on a mission to change things. (Mar, Independent)


New grassroots organisation aims to change perceptions of disability with 'radical' events (Jun, Irish Examiner)


A new book: Disability and Social Justice in Kenya Scholars, Policymakers, and Activists in Conversation. “Kenya has been on the forefront of disability activism and disability rights since the middle of the twentieth century.” (Michigan Publishing)

Profile of John Wambua of the United Disabled Persons of Kenya. (Mar, Inclusive Futures)


Sen. Ras Adiba Radzi disability-rights advocate honored in Washington. (Mar, BenarNews)


Mexico City wheelchair users rally for more accessibility (Aug, Yahoo! News)

Middle East and North Africa

Arab Civil Society Organizations and the Issue of Disability, Inclusion and Sustainable Development (link to pdf, UNDEF)


Reducing prejudices about people with disabilities interesting to see that it doesn't approve of the simulation exercises (in Dutch, google translate makes some sense, Jan, Movisie)


On the Debrief: “I'm not rebellious” an interview with Abner Manlapaz, lifelong activist. (May)


Protest of Polish disabled people in the Parliament Demands to increase social pension. (Mar, Poland Daily Live)

Views Of Life Interview with Dorota Krać. Polish Association of the Blind (PZN). (Mar, EBU)

Disabled people begin protest in Polish parliament seeking rise in benefits to level of minimum wage. (Mar, Notes from Poland)

Sierra Leone

Integrating Disability Justice into Girl-Centered programming. (We are Purposeful)


Somalia Disability Network Annual Report 2022. (Link to PDF, Jan, SDN)

South Africa

Disability and Islam: PhD examines unconscious exclusion, burden of responsibility. (Mar, UCT News.)

South Korea

Resolution remains elusive for Seoul's disabled accessibility issues (Jan, Korea Times)

Seoul’s callous response to disability rights protests. “While trying to stop the disabled activists from boarding the subway, Seoul Metro workers and the police forcibly pulled activists away by their wheelchairs.” (Jan, Hankyoreh)

Disability rights activists are referred to prosecution over protests in the subway during rush-hour. (Jan, Korea Times) Comment on this “zero tolerance” approach, which includes Seoul Metro suing the protestors. Protests paused during further dialogue.

Disabled advocacy group to resume rush-hour subway protests. “Demanding measures to improve mobility rights and budget for disability rights, SADD has been leading subway protests since late last year and often caused delays in metro services during rush hour as some of its members used their wheelchairs to prevent trains from departing.” (Apr, Yonhap News) See a detailed feature on the protests and how the movement goes back to 2001 in the Nation.


Views Of Life Interview with Cristina Barreto Cristina Barreto - Organización Nacional de Ciegos Españoles (ONCE). (Mar, EBU)

Greens call Spain prohibit ableist show of persons with dwarfism (Jan, Katrin Langensiepen, MdEP)

United Kingdom

Dementia and Hope a vision for “dismantling the barriers which disable a million people in the UK” (Jan, One Dementia Voice)

Disabled people have been at the heart of ‘direct action’ protest for years – what do we do now? Claiming the right to protest. (Jan, The Independent)

First orthodox siddur for people with disabilities launched in UK (Jun, Jerusalem Post)

Disabled youth participation within activism and social movement bases: “[Young disabled people] feel pressure to agree with those who have identified the cause, advised by established figures on ways in which they should demonstrate resistance, and are requested to provide recommendations that will improve the situation for young people: a limited involvement.” (Jun, Current Sociology)

Radio play Pride and Protest offers a window into the current struggle for disability rights. (May, Disability Arts Online)

Tickboxes and Tokenism? Service User Involvement Report 2022 (Feb, Shaping our Lives)

United States

Borealis Philanthropy and Ford Foundation Launch $1 Million Disability x Tech Fund to Advance Leadership of People With Disabilities in Tech Innovation. (Feb, Ford Foundation)

Autism research at the crossroads “The power struggle between researchers, autistic self-advocates and parents is threatening progress across the field.” (Jan, Spectrum)

What I learned from the Generation of Disabled Activists Who Came After Me (Dec, Time) An essay by Ben Mattlin, accompanying the release of Disability Pride: Dispatches from a post-ADA world.

32 Years After the ADA, People with Disabilities Still Are Left Behind in Faith Institutions as religious organizations have exemptions from the law. (Jul, Respect Ability)

5 Reasons Why Disability Activism Is Still Hard One is that “Like the rest of society, disabled people are divided and polarized” (May, Forbes)

Foundations Pledge More Than $3 Million to Launch Disability-Focused Philanthropy-Serving Organization. See also on the disability inclusion pledge which has been signed by over sixty philanthropic organizations. (Mar, Disability & Philanthropy Forum)


Dreaming beyond the impossible: A story of disability rights activism in Uzbekistan. (Feb, UNSDG)


Youth with Disabilities and their Participation in the Zimbabwean Society. (Feb, This Ability Hub)