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COP 28: the disability movement calls for inclusion in climate action “This Summit witnessed an increased presence of disability advocates and more discussion on disability issues.” (2023, EDF)

Towards COP28: Key Advocacy Messages to Include Persons with Disabilities (2023, IDA)

A Call for Disability-Inclusive Climate Action in India and Globally (2023, The Sangyan)

Ensuring Disability Inclusion in the Global Climate Action Agenda Call to Action ahead of the 28th Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (2023, Harvard Law School Project on Disability)

Why is disability still waiting for real progress on inclusive climate action? 5 takeaways from COP27. (2023, Bond)

What has been done and what can still be done. Increasing participation albeit significant access challenges remain. (2022, EDF)

Can COP27 contribute to disability-inclusive climate justice? (2022, Disability Debrief)

People With Disabilities Raise Voices at Climate Talks (2022, AP News)

How people with disabilities fought for formal recognition at COP27: “We’re still just trying to get on the agenda”. (2022, Grist)

No climate solution without disability inclusion (2022, LFTW)



This 28-year-old from Nepal is telling COP28: Don't forget people with disabilities. (2023, NPR)