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International News

How do food insecurity, hunger, and undernutrition affect people with disabilities and how can this problem be addressed? An evidence brief. (2023, Disability Evidence Portal)

Feeding and Disability Resource Bank “A collection of resources to address feeding difficulties and disability inclusion in nutrition programs” (2022, USAID Advancing Nutrition)


United Arab Emirates

Factors influencing Nutritional Needs of Children with Disabilities “The results showed ambivalence of parents and teachers on knowledge and practical skills to promote good eating habits among children with disabilities.” (Jan, DCIDJ)



Discussion on why “Veganism isn’t ableist” (2022, Crip HumAnimal)

North America

United States

Braille cookbooks bring blind cooks recipes. “Library of Congress arm offers free print-on-demand Braille cookbooks to users, and hundreds are taking advantage of it” (Jan, Washington Post)

Why Food Sharing Is at the Heart of the Disability Justice Movement (2023, Eater)

Why the Formula Shortage Is Also a Disability Rights Issue (2022, Yes Magazine)