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International News

Lawsuit Uncovers Chicago’s Failure to Provide Disability Protections in Housing. “Advocates say people with disabilities are suffering the worst consequences of the U.S.’s affordable housing crisis.” (2023, Truthout)

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Why disabled people in India are paying higher rents “Despite legislation aimed at improving housing inclusion and accessibility, disabled people in India say they have to pay a premium to find a home equipped for their needs” (Apr, Himal Southasian)

Wheelchair User Woman In Bengaluru Struggles To Find Accessible Apartment (2023, NDTV)

Accessible homes for disabled Indians is not a favour, it’s an obligation (2022, The Print)

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United Kingdom

Disability campaigners lose legal fight over Grenfell recommendation “Campaigners have lost their High Court battle with the government over its decision not to implement evacuation plans for disabled high-rise residents.” (2023, BBC)

‘We just want our homes not to hurt us’: “There are 104,000 people on the waiting list for an accessible or adaptable home. But not enough are being built, so many disabled people and families with disabled children are left in temporary accommodation for years” (2023, Big Issue)

Outrage as ministers reject post-Grenfell safety plans for disabled people “Personal fire evacuation plans were in public inquiry’s proposals, which ministers had said they would ‘accept in full’” (2022, the Guardian) See further detail on inside housing.

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North America


Disabled people overrepresented in study of evicted tenants. “Within the sample of evictees, the agency says 28 per cent reported having a disability — more than double the proportion of self-identified disabled people within the total survey population.” (Apr, CBC)

Accessibility is the housing crisis no one is talking about Advocates call for adoption of universal design principles to ensure easy conversion of residential units for people with disabilities. (Mar, Financial Post)

This Ontario family has spent years looking for wheelchair accessible housing. “These parents carry their eight-year-old son up and down stairs everyday with no end in sight.” (2022, Toronto Star)

Woman with disabilities nears medically assisted death after a fruitless bid to secure an affordable apartment that doesn't worsen her chronic illnesses. (2022, CTV News)

Court Case on whether appopriate housing is a human right for people with disabilities Nova Scotia government argues that it isn't and they have the right to define the quality of social serices people receive, not the court. (2022, Halifax City News)

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United States

The Cost of Being Disabled in New York City Housing “Some landlords are asking disabled people to foot the bill for accommodations, leaving even those with ample resources without an accessible place to live.” (2023, New York Times)

How to Make Your Home Accessible Tap into the resources available from states, nonprofits, developers and housing groups to make spaces work for families of all abilities. (2023, The New York Times)

Disabled people of color continue to fight for accessible housing Housing insecurity compounds intersecting marginalizations for disabled people of color. Affordable, comprehensively accessible housing can help (2023, Prism)

Disability Justice Isn’t Possible without Housing Justice (2023, Urban Institute)

Designing for Disabilities: How to Pair Luxury With Access (2022, House Beautiful)

Biden Administration Releases Millions For Disability Housing. (2022, Disability Scoop)

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Uneven path to a decent home: Australians with a disability face battle for accessible housing. (2022, the Guardian)

One-size-fits-all model of accessible housing ‘a disaster’ for Australians with disability. “There should be an option for us to stay together as a family and not be forced to relinquish care just because we don’t have the funds to build an accessible house.” (2022, the Guardian)

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New Zealand

The intersecting issues for disabled women experiencing homelessness “Disabled women experiencing homelessness often contend with heightened levels of social isolation, exacerbating the difficulties connecting with support services.” (2023, Coalition to end women's homelessness)

Another month, another report on disabled people's housing “but is the government listening?” (2022, RNZ News)

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