Indigenous People and Minority Communities

This page features disability news on Indigenous People and Minority Communities from the Debrief Library. See also news on other subjects.


Intersectionality is a Practice: Inclusive Funding Must Resource Disability and Indigenous Rights. (Oct, Cultural Survival)

Disability Studies Quarterly special edition on indigeneity and disability: Kinship, Place, and Knowledge-Making (Jan)


The I Am, Movement designs 'culturally safe' education resources for Indigenous children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. (Aug, ABC News)

Indigenous people with disabilities face racism and ableism. ‘I coined the term “racial-ableism” to capture the intersectionality of these experiences at the cultural interface.’ (Aug, the Conversation)

From employment barriers to food insecurity, the challenges of the pandemic have only intensified for First Nations Australians with disabilities (Jun, Minority Rights Group International)

New Zealand

‘I’m Māori first’: The vision-impaired community finding strength in whakapapa (Dec, The Spinoff)

United States

Understanding Disabilities in American Indian & Alaska Native Communities, a toolkit to increase awareness and knowledge. (Mar, NICOA)